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Time (to) off(set)

Ella Fitzgerald said it: summertime and the livin’ is easy.

Like real good French people, at daphni, we decided to go on vacation on August. You got it, it means that this is our last newsletter before the back-to-school season. Even if it’s not an easy task, believe it or not, we will try to switch off and rest as much as we can to be in top form by the end of August. But before leaving you to your summer activities, we wanted to share two exciting news with you folks.

First things first, we’re happy to announce that our co-founder and partner Pierre-Yves Meerschman became a member of Leaders for Climate Action. By joining this initiative, he connects with an active community that counter the climate crisis with action and demand more effective measures from policy makers.

The second piece of news is that we wanted to offer you some very interesting reading: an article about carbon offsetting wrote by the amazing Philippine from our investment team, before she leaves us to complete her degree. She will explain where the concept of carbon offsetting comes from, how does it work in practice, and map all the incumbents and startups involved in the sector to give you a better view of the value chain.
Here you go folks. Enjoy. Take care. See you soon.

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According to the International Energy Agency, the world’s CO2 emissions are expected to fall by 8% this year due to the coronavirus. Estimations are obviously subject to change, but such a drop would be six times greater than the one after the subprimes crisis. It sounds like an unprecedented drop, but it is actually the annual pace required for the next decade to stay below the 1.5C limit set by the Paris Agreement.
As you may have understood, lowering our carbon footprint is not anymore an option. Structural changes are needed to reach our objectives as the decrease following the coronavirus crisis is very likely to be temporary. Various mechanisms have emerged to do so such, as carbon offsetting solutions. At daphni, we’ve been looking at the topic for a while and had a few question marks. So we deep dived into it and tried to get a clearer picture of what carbon offsetting is. Here’s what we found, just click here.

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