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We don’t have to be perfect!

“Climate change is a serious threat: every one of us has the responsibility to protect our future and the future of the next generation.”

How far will Lewis Halimton go? At the beginning of the month, the British driver won his seventh Formula 1 World Championship title, and thus equals Michael Schumarer’s record. But apart from his achievement on the circuits, Lewis Hamilton has been the talk of the town in recent days. At the age of 35, the multiple Formula 1 world champion is gradually becoming aware of the contradictions between his life as a star and the realities of the climate crisis.

“With the industry I’m in, I’m always going to receive negative attention but we don’t have to be perfect to be part of the solution. As a powerful voice in my industry I have a responsibility to effect change from within Formula 1 as well as in all the other activities in which I am involved.”

This leads us to talk about daphni, on how we, as a VC, have an impact. Five years ago, we decided to dedicate our time and actions to the tech for good, for several reasons. The emergence of new uses from the new generations and the cultural changes made us realize it was the right time to spread the tech for good trends through our investments. We want to be part of the players who are changing uses in depth, by getting back to basics. Producers, and even more consumers, have a common driver: make sense. We are more than ever convinced that this is the right way, seeing our companies thriving. Circular economy, carbon footprint reduction, sharing economy, urban mobility… These are concepts that have been in our DNA since day 1. The Covid-19 pandemic will amplify that dynamic and will hopefully be an accelerator. We believe it’s a chance to rethink our society. Since our inception, we build da city for good. This motto that we have created is our engine, and you know as much as we do that we need one nowadays.

Today more than ever, our investment thesis makes sense, and folks, don’t doubt our willingness to continue towards this path. We’re not perfect, we simply are mutants getting up every morning to have a positive impact on the world through our amazing entrepreneurs. The alignment of interests of our team, entrepreneurs and community will allow us to go as far as possible in our mission. We are also very proud to be part of initiatives tackling important topics such as diversity in Venture Capital.

We love what we do, and we are going to take advantage of this nonsense period, transforming the crisis into an opportunity for us to reinvent. No matter what. We’ll keep supporting audacious, world-changers, positivity makers.

Da yours,

The daphni team



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