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Welcome in da House Hub.cycle !

Today is a special day: it’s the Global Recycling day! And the theme of this year’s Global Recycling day on March 18th is #RecyclingHeroes, to recognize the people, places and activities that showcase how the Seventh Resource and recycling contribute to an environmentally stable planet and a greener future for all.

So today we want to highlight 2 heroes!

1/ Julien Lesage, an inspiring entrepreneur who has decided to go further and bet on upcycling a couple of years ago. The idea? To give a new life to materials destined to be thrown away, by diverting their use. There are lots of projects using upcycling to tackle various waste problems in the Fashion, Food or Home decor industries, and much more! But we particularly love Julien’s one called Hub.cycle. This is our second deal with our new fund YELLOW, and our very first ‘zoom’ deal. Oui oui! Julien managed to convince the whole daphni team from his offices in Avignon. And you are going to understand how… Let us tell you more about his mission!

Hub.cycle has the mission of transforming today’s waste into tomorrow’s ingredients. Don’t you think that every sidestream deserves to find a new mainstream? 🥰 And did you know that half of what we produce in the agribusiness is thrown away before it reaches our plate?

Julien truly believes that what is wasted by one industry can be valuable for another. Everyday, they track each type of plant-based waste and select only the highly valuable side-streams in them, to be reused rather than disposed of. Then, they convert them into new, sustainable, and sexy raw materials for personal care and food ingredient manufacturing. And to illustrate this last point, we are going to take the orange as an example: Andros is only using the juice, L’Oréal only the peel, here comes hub.cycle right there to make the junction between these different actors and revalue as much as possible all these elements that had to be thrown away.

In 2020, the equivalent of 1,000 tons of agricultural production destined to be thrown away has been transformed into ingredients for the food and cosmetics industries. To do so, the team mapped more than 40 types of factories, analyzed 400 strategic resources, and selected 200 scalable raw materials. And the best is yet to come! Kudos to all the team, you rock👏

You should definitely listen to him in our latest hors-serie episode and watch him here.

2/ The skipper Romain Pilliard, another hero of the circular economy, fighting waste through his trimaran Use It Again, a great example of how we can conserve resources and influence the energy transition of companies. Find out more here.

At daphni, we want to support efforts showcasing the essential role recycling and upcycling play in contributing to a greener future and an environmentally stable planet. Because fighting food waste/plastic pollution is mandatory. Because there is no planet B.

Da yours,

The daphni team



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