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Welcome in da House Pasqal!

Before reading this edito, we warmly invite you to watch this video to understand the basics of Quantum computing.

Ok, now that you’ve watched it. Let’s get started!

daphni is sooooo thrilled to announce that Pasqal has just joined our big daphni family! This quantum computing company officialized on Tuesday a €25 M Series A funding. This fundraising will allow the team to speed up the commercialization of quantum processors. In case you hadn’t understood, Pasqal builds quantum processors. Based on atoms manipulated by lasers at room temperature, these processors will be deployed at scale by Pasqal.

The founder, Georges-Olivier Reymond graduated with a master’s degree and a PhD degree in Quantum Physics. In 2018, he worked on the creation of the first French hardware company dedicated to quantum computing. He co-founded Pasqal in March 2019, with the vision to leverage the technology developed at Institut d’Optique in Palaiseau for more than 10 years to build quantum processors based on neutral atoms ordered in large 2D arrays.

Pasqal’s technology is based on neutral atoms. Quantum supremacy for simulation of complex quantum systems has been demonstrated by the founders team and others, and qubit fidelity has been brought into a range where it is comparable with alternative technologies (superconducting circuits, trapped ions) that are being developed because they have been able to demonstrate good performance at small scale.

For more information, you can visit their website.

Da yours,

The daphni team




daphni chronicles shares lessons learned and analyses from daphnipolis, the great community around the venture fund daphni. It's like having private talks with high level thinkers & doers of the tech world.

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