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Welcome in da HouseSave Market!

And YOU ‘companies’, how do you get rid of your old IT equipment, smartphones, tablets…? It becomes a real headache for you, we know it! This issue is all the more crucial as the renewal of IT equipment in French companies takes place approximately every 3 years.

As we are all committed to an eco-responsible and societal approach, we must choose the best options that are repairing, or recycling or donating your old equipment. Guess what ?! Yoann Alvarez and Gary Chiche has decided to help you tackle this issue by offering a simple and quick solution to manage IT equipment at the end of its life while giving it a second life: it’s called Save Market and they just joined the daphni family.

We know what you are thinking about right now — Are they not doing what’s Back Market is already doing ? Not at ALL! Let me explain…Through our investment in BackMarket, we can say (without showing off) that we know the refurbished sector quite well. So, here is a quick update : while BackMarket is solving the distribution pain points of the Refurbishers, Save Market, by its B2B approach is solving the sourcing issue. So when Yoann and Gary introduced Save Market to us, we immediately understood the great market opportunity they were responding to.

The platform developed by Save Market responds to these challenges of simplicity, speed and traceability that companies require: register the equipment to be sold, receive a quote, schedule a collection date and receive payment. Save Market manages the entire process, from logistics to the refurbishment of the material. Thanks to their platform, customers can follow the whole process and have access to the volume of CO2 avoided by type of product. This fundraising of €1M will allow them to move on to a new stage of their development and help them to further democratize the simplified take-back and reconditioning process among French and European companies.

We are so happy to be able to support them and furthermore push the benefits of the circular economy within as many businesses as possible.

So now, you know what to do: don’t take anymore panadol when comes this kind of headache with your old IT equipment, just ask Save Market!

With love ❤️

The daphni team



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