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Why do some people always feel hungry and others don’t?

Folks, let’s admit it, there is nothing more comforting than good food, with good people! Even though restaurants in France are still closed for now, the sunny days are coming, and with them the desire for juicy fruits, fresh salad, pressed juice… And while thinking about all the enjoyable meats ahead, we are wondering one thing: why do some people always feel hungry and others don’t?

Well, this is the question Tim Spector, professor at King’s College London and co-founder of ZOE, asked himself recently surrounded by Harvard scientists. For the record, ZOE is a company using test kits to help people understand their microbiome and nutritional needs in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Their study team explains that it comes down to each person’s ‘unique metabolism together with the day-to-day effects of the foods you choose and your activity levels.’ Basically, it’s further proof that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to diet and weight loss. Our bodies all react differently to the food that we eat. If the topic has attracted your interest, we suggest you go have a look to ZOE’s blog post.

Tim Spector sums it all up: ‘Food is complex and humans are complicated, but our research is finally starting to open up the black box between diet and health. We’re excited to have been able to turn this cutting-edge science into an at-home nutrition and microbiome test so that everyone has the opportunity to discover their unique responses to food to best support their metabolism and gut health.’

ZOE believes — and so do we — that the food we eat is the most important medicine we take, and that we have a right to better understand our bodies, so we can make more confident decisions about food. We’re really proud to support such a company, using tech to shake things up into the healthcare sector!

Anyway, every Body is unique and there is no rules or diet to follow but only one motto: EAT THE WAY YOU LOVE (and the planet too, don’t forget)!

Da best,

The daphni team



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