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Why we invested in Agua Blanca

Agua Blanca (one of the daphni Yellow fund start-ups)

Agua Blanca is a marketplace for clean home care and personal care products.

Difficult not to fall in love with Sébastien Fabre and Yann Le Chatelier, a team of serial-entrepreneurs who have already demonstrated their ability to create new usages with Vestiaire Collective: a unicorn and role model of the circular economy in France.

With Agua Blanca, Sébastien and Yann are addressing the home care and personal care market with, once again, the desire to participate in the transformation to come in their industry in terms of consumption patterns and consideration of environmental issues.

🎙 We invite to listen to our podcast with Sébastien. We discussed about his background, his experience within Vestiaire Collective, and this whole new adventure with Agua Blanca.

🎬 If you are curious to know more about Sébastien Fabre, you can also watch the following video, where he explains how he is building da city for good 💪

Enjoy !

Da yours,

The daphni team 👾




daphni chronicles shares lessons learned and analyses from daphnipolis, the great community around the venture fund daphni. It's like having private talks with high level thinkers & doers of the tech world.

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