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Why we invested in Stockly

Stockly connects e-commerce websites with a global inventory so that they can never run out-of-stock

30% of e-commerce purchase intentions are abandoned due to out-of-stock problems, costing e-merchants several billion euros each year. To solve this headache, Stockly has built a proprietary technology that allows e-merchants to ensure the sale of a product even it is out-of-stock, by having the products shipped by the brand or another seller in Stockly’s distribution network.

Beyond out-of-stock management, Stockly empowers e-merchants in an ecosystem dominated by hegemonic players, allowing them ii) to expand and enlarge their catalog — in terms of sizes, colors or SKUs — without affecting their cash flow iii) not to lose a loyal customer (often acquired via Facebook Ads or Google Ads)

Thanks to its first tier engineering team, Stockly’s solution manages the complex flow of data, payment and process between the supplier, the demander and the end customer.

🎙 Listen our podcast with the founder Eliott Jabes here: https://cutt.ly/IkLPZww



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