How to Participate in DAPPT IEO on MXC?

A complete guide of how to purchase DAPPT on with discount.

Public Sale of Dapp Token ($DAPPT) will be held on MXC Labs this Wednesday at 8:00 PM (GMT+8) on June 12, 2019.

Before Purchasing DAPPT:

  1. Register an account on (NO KYC requirements)
  2. Purchase and Hold at least 2,000 MX (Platform token of before 7:00 PM (GMT+8).

Price and Rules:

The sale will be conducted in 4 rounds and each round opens every 30 minutes.

  • Public Sale Round 1–3:

Users who hold at least 2,000 MX will be eligible to participate in these rounds starting at 40% discount in a first come first serve basis. Each user will be able to make a purchase of 250 USDT in each round and the individual cap is 750 USDT for the sale.

  • Public Sale Round 4:

All qualified users (holding at least 2,000 MX) who participate in this round will be able to get the token allocation. The amount to purchase for each individual is based on 20,202,020 divided by the number of participants in the 4th round.

Step-by-Step Guide

Create Account on MXC

  1. Go to, and click the “Register” on the top right side.

2. On the registration page, please follow the instructions and input your email address and password (Password is the combination of numbers and letters). Then press “Get Code” .

3. An email of verification code will be sent to you, please log in your registered email inbox and find the code.

4. Paste your email code on the “Email Captcha Code” and press “Sign Up”.

5. For the account safety reason, after you log into your account, please enable the 2-factor authenticator. (Google 2FA or SMS 2FA)

Deposit Funds and Buy MX Token

  1. After you successfully login your account, please click My Assetson the upper right side of the page.

2. Please select coin/token and press deposit.

3. We take BTC as an example, you can “Copy BTC Deposit Address”, and paste it to the corresponding address section in the platform where you proceed with your withdrawal.

You can also click “Show QR code”, and use the corresponding platform mobile app to scan the QR code to complete your deposit in MXC.

4. After you successfully deposit to MXC, you can go back to the home page, and click “Funds” — “Transaction History” — “History” — “Deposit”.

5. After you have deposit funds in your account, you will be able to buy MX on the “Exchange” session on MX/ETH, MX/USDT, and MX/BTC.

For more info, please visit

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