DApp DEV Ethereum Conference 2018

Pavlo Makarov
May 30, 2018 · 5 min read

On April 16, 2018, the first DApp DEV Ethereum Conference by developers for developers on the protocol Ethereum was organized in Kyiv. It was conducted by DApp DEV Consulting with the support of ConsenSys, Parity Technologies and the Ethereum Foundation. The conference gathered within the same space the specialists from all over the world who are interested in blockchains and its practical application.

Stars of Ethereum and the gurus of blockchain

The conference was attended by 26 speakers and 150 developers from New York, London, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Tallinn and Kyiv, as well as more than 20 companies of contributors using blockchain. Experts from Ethereum Project, ConsenSys, DApp DEV Consulting, Parity Technologies and Tendermint spoke about their products aimed at developing the ecosystem of blockchain technology INFURA, Gnosis, uPort, SWARM, ERC725, COSMOS Network, TCR and Plasma.

The Ukrainian devs

The participants noted the high level of technical and specialized content of the conference. The performances were held on two stages of the creative space of IZONE. The headliner of the event was the well-known figure in blockchain, Ethereum developer and founder of the fashion blockchain project Lukso, Fabian Vogelsteller. Together with Vitalik Buterin, he and the team created a standard for ICO #ERC 20 (DApp), publishing a standard interface for tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Fabian Vogelsteller, Lead ĐApp Developer at the Ethereum Project

Fabian’s motto is “Decentralize everything”.

He explained how the new decentralized authentication service, based on Ethereum, is working. The participants of the conference had an opportunity to communicate with a person whose code they had recently read at GitHub.

The famous Estonian futurist Kaspar Korjus told the audience about how and why it is necessary to build and digitize state services. Kaspar is on the Forbes Estonia Under 30 list, as the best specialist in the field of “Technology and Finance”. Korjus is the main ideologist of the creation of an electronic residence in Estonia, the country with the most advanced electronic government.

Kaspar Korjus, Futurist, Republic of Estonia

Korjus named 10 phases of adoption of technologies by the government: from a counterfeit digital to the association of society. “Countries become independent of physical boundaries, citizens, services, incomes and start to truly serve people like never before”, says Korjus. In his report, he also destroyed the most common myths about the introduction of blockchain into the structure of the state by the case of Estonia.

The most popular ones are “we don’t have resources”, “we have more important tasks than the introduction of digital”, “the risks related to the protection of personal data”, “you could do it because you are small”.

Martin Koppelman, co-founder and CEO of the Gnosis project, presented a more accurate model for forecasting the market based on Ethereum. The blockchain tool for forecasting can be successfully used in various fields: event forecasting, insurance and hedging, finance, management and decision-making.

Martin Köppelmann, Co-Founder and CEO of Gnosis

He also talked about Gnosis Dutch Exchange, a decentralized exchange for tokens using the mechanism of Dutch auctions. The application allows determining the fair value of the tokens.

Co-founder of Parity Technologies Björn Wagner showed the migration strategy and options for scaling Parity using a prototype system Parity Bridge. It turned out that many blockchain enthusiasts who came to the conference were glad to chat and discuss current hot topics in blockchain.

Björn Wagner, Co-Founder at Parity Technologies

CryptoKitties, blockchain lawyer and Zuckerberg

A huge interest of listeners was caused by three panel discussions that were moderated by the founder of the largest Ethereum Conference in Europe, the head of the development team at the ConsenSys blockchain company in Paris Jérôme de Tychey. Discussion topics were “Ethereum TCR”, “Ethereum Ecosystem” and “Decentralization vs. Mass Adaptation”.

Dmytrii Kulbaka, Softwere developer at DApp DEV, Jérôme de Tychey, Blockchain Tech Lead at ConsenSys, Mike Goldin, Lead Software Developer at ConsenSys

Specialized techno workshops have passed in a very lively atmosphere. The guys from DApp DEV Consulting took part in panel discussions, made presentations and held a workshop “How to write cryptokitties in 60 minutes”. The game is gaining popularity in the world of blockchain technologies. Everyone can grow and sell virtual cryptokitties. The application saves all transactions to which no one can interfere. The audience was shown how to “pair” cryptokitties to get new unique and expensive breeds for sale.

Elizabeth M. Renieris, a blockchain lawyer on the topic of Ethereum and a consultant to ConsenSys, conducted another demanded workshop. Elizabeth talked about the legality of blockchain projects, as well as the need to know about the US regulatory policy those who plan to develop blockchain projects or go to ICO in States. An interesting fact about Elizabeth is that she studied with the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.

Elizabeth M. Renieris, Legal adviser for blockchain and cryptocurrencies

In the evening, the conference participants went to the afterparty: networking, poker, blackjack and alias.

Blackjack & devs

Besides, from April13th through April17th there were a series of meetings DEV Club Meetup on the basis of the “TseHab” space. The events were attended by the most motivated specialists, who did not have time to talk directly with the guru of Ethereum and blockchain technology at the conference itself.

Startups and Accelerator

The conference also paid attention to the startups. “We selected two Ukrainian startups that develop projects on the Ethereum protocol, and gave them the opportunity to speak at the conference and present their products. Startups MyAura.io, Skillonomy gathered a feedback from the audience and received the mentors’ advice”, said the organizer of the conference and the founder of DApp DEV Consulting Pavlo Makarov.

Pavlo Makarov, Founder at ĐApp ÐΞV Consulting

The conference organizers intend to further expand the ecosystem of Ethereum developers in Ukraine, work on their own products and prepare for the conference next year.

There is an interest in the topic of blockchain in Ukraine, the number of startups based on Ethereum is growing and they need the help of mentors and specialists. Therefore, DApp DEV Consulting is preparing to launch the accelerator program DApp DEV Ventures that is designed for three months and will be held in Kyiv and Berlin. Selection round is planned for the end of summer.

Join us next year! More details about DApp DEV.


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