CT Economic Development with Blockchain

In 2017, a big focus of mine at Checkmate Digital was building my network in the blockchain ecosystem in order to deliver on inquiries we are receiving.

In 2018, I’ve also taken on the role of building DappDevs, a community that has grown to more than 170 members in Connecticut with my CTO and co-founder Bryant Eisenbach.

We believe that progressive blockchain legislation (like bills 445 and 513), coupled with a highly skilled tech talent pipeline is a recipe for economic revitalization across historic Connecticut industries like the following:

  • Insurance technology
  • Financial technology
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Military supply chain
  • Agriculture

Blockchain can enable these industries by:

  • Creating new revenue models
  • Increasing traceability and visibility in both a public and/or private setting
  • Reducing infrastructure expenses by increasing speed and efficiency
  • Automating internal and external processes

In vs. Out Migration

Currently, Connecticut is ranked 4th in the nation for out-migration. The average salary of a person that comes to Connecticut is $92,000, and the average salary of someone who leaves is $123,000, yielding a net loss of -$31,000 for professionals coming to the state.

Creating jobs and attracting the high demand blockchain engineers that notably yield a very high median salary can off-set this net negative.

We can create jobs in the entrepreneurial community for companies like Scroll, a two year old local blockchain company that focuses on file storage or companies like Trifecta Aquaponics, seeking to manage their agricultural supply chain using blockchain.

Thank you to our DappDevs partners; we couldn’t do it without you:

  • Checkmate Digital
  • InsurTech Hartford
  • UConn’s Peter J Werth Institute
  • Yale TSAI Center for Innovative Thinking
  • Southern Connecticut State University
  • XL Catlin
  • Connecticut Innovations
  • The Grove New Haven
  • New Haven IO
  • New Haven DECD

DappDevs will be partnering with Southern Connecticut State University and other local organizations to bring Coding w/ Blockchain to the city of New Haven on May 19th-20th.

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