The Cheeze Wizards Tournament begins on October 14

This guide is your step-by-step walkthrough to the Tournament, where one magical winner will be awarded a grand prize of over $100,000!

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Sep 18, 2019 · 5 min read
The three phases of the Cheeze Wizards Tournament.

When the Cheeze Wizards Tournament begins on October 14th, three phases will eventually lead to one player being crowned the Big Cheeze, with over $100,000+ in cheddar accompanying the title.

  1. The Gathering
  2. The Beat and Greet
  3. The Championship

Remember, a portion of every ether spent summoning Wizards will go towards the Big Cheeze prize. After the weeklong pre-sale in May, the Big Cheeze was at 600+ ETH (~US$100,000+). That number is only going to get bigger as Wizards are summoned and the tournament progresses.

The Big Cheeze Grand Prize is over 600 ETH (US$100,000+), and that number is only going to get bigger!

Even if you don’t become the Big Cheeze, there are side quest rewards, with over 120ETH (~US$20,000+) in prizes revealed so far.

Phase 0: The Presale

From Friday, May 17th to Friday, May 24th (already passed!)

During The Presale, players could:

  • 🧙 Summon the very first Cheeze Wizards

If you were quick enough to summon Wizards during the presale, you’ve already gotten a head start on your Wizard army. If not, you can always shop for Wizards sold by players over at OpenSea.

But don’t despair if you’re holding out for Wizards who aren’t gently used. Once the Gathering kicks off, you’ll be able to summon regular edition Wizards again for a limited time.

> Here’s what happened during Cheeze Wizards weeklong presale in May

Phase 1 of 3: The Gathering

Phase 1: The Gathering

From October 14th to October 21st

During The Gathering, players can:

  • 🧙 Summon Wizards

The Gathering is the official start to the Cheeze Wizards Tournament. Once the Mother Dragon’s udder has been re-filled with magical Wizard-making milk, you’ll be able to pick up where the presale left off and summon Wizards once more.

Neutral Wizards will always cost 0.07 ETH to summon, and will always come with 70 power. Each Elemental Wizard summoned will have power proportional to its summoning cost, and will cost a small amount more than the most recently summoned Elemental Wizard. The bigger and more diverse your Wizard army is, the better your chances of winning are likely to be.

Phase 2 of 3: The Greet and Beat

Phase 2: The Beat and Greet

From October 21 to November 4th

During The Beat and Greet, players can:

  • 🧙 Summon Wizards
  • ⚔️ Duel Wizards

This phase is where all the trash-talking finally turns to action. For the first time, Wizards will be able to throw down and duel for that sweet, sweet power.

> To prepare, you can learn how duels work here.

This is your opportunity to get a feel for dueling and play at your own pace before the Blue Mold begins its inexorable, exponential rise to the top of the tower. Each time you win or lose a duel, your Wizard’s power level will rise or fall, so watch out. It’s possible that a Wizard can be fully drained during this phase of the Tournament.

But don’t worry: you’ll still have the option to summon a new Wizard.

Phase 3of 3: The Championship

Phase 3: The Championship

From November 4th until all but one Wizard remain

During the final phase, The Championship:

  • ⚔️ Players can duel Wizards
  • ☢️ The Blue Mold begins, signalling the beginning of the end of the tournament

This Championship phase begins a race against the terrifying Blue Mold. Once the Blue Mold begins consuming the Tower, no new Wizards can be summoned. If a Wizard gets knocked out of the Tournament in this phase, they’re shredded. Out for good.

The power level of the Blue Mold will double every day as the dank substance takes over the Tower. Any Wizards below the Blue Mold power level will have all of their power consumed by this sinister fermented force. Also, any time a Wizard loses enough of their power in a duel to drop below the level of the Blue Mold, the opposing Wizard will be able to steal all of the pasteurized Wizard’s power!

But there’s a tiny window of hope: When a Wizard is in danger of being eliminated by the next doubling of Blue Mold, you’ll see a new option available to your Wizard: Ascension.

Stay tuned—we’ll have a step-by-step walkthrough on Ascension soon!

In the end, there can only be one Big Cheeze!

As the Championship phase continues and the Blue Mold rises, fewer Wizards will be left in the Tournament. When the final dueling pair lay down their wands, and but one Wizard remains standing… that Wizard shall be crowned the Big Cheeze. Along with the legendairy honorific comes the Big Cheeze prize: one big, stinkin’ pile of ETH.

Now that’s some good cheddar.

Want to join the magic?

All you need to get started in Cheeze Wizards is an email. Once you sign up, we’ll keep you up-to-date on the upcoming tournament.

> Sign up for Cheeze Wizards tournament!

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