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Calling all Ethereum developers: Cheeze Wizards’ future is in your hands

Access an engaged user base, win a variety of prizes, and utilize Cheeze Wizards’ official assets, API, and other resources.

The real prize are the users we made along the way

Yes, the hackathon’s grand prize is a lot of cheddar — but that’s the least exciting thing about this hackathon. We wanted to give any interested developer something they really care about: users.

The most exciting thing about blockchain is the open ecosystems it empowers

Soon after launching CryptoKitties, creators began building third-party tools, projects, and experiences. This is the KittyVerse, a practical example of an open ecosystem.

Your hack has a path to profitability

Your hackathon idea doesn’t need to make money to be a good one, but we think it’s important to have the option.

Enjoy access to our art department

We’re releasing all of Cheeze Wizards’ art and front-end components under the NFT License. That means your project can look and feel great while you enjoy full commercial rights to build directly on top of Cheeze Wizards IP.

Our team are your advisors

In addition to cash prizes and limited-edition Cheeze Wizards collectibles, advisory sessions with the Dapper Labs team are also up for grabs.

The future of Cheeze Wizards belongs to you

As soon as we began creating Cheeze Wizards, we designed it as a foundation to build from, one that enables the potential of open ecosystems. That means developers and the community have an immense amount of agency in shaping the future of Cheeze Wizards.

What will you build on Cheeze Wizards?

Will you build a tool or feature? A new game or experience for folks to take their Cheeze Wizards into? Or will you create your own community-run tournament or league?



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