In Cheeze Wizards, players summon Wizards to fight in magical duels and compete to become the Big Cheeze.

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May 16 · 4 min read

Cheeze Wizards is a social, crypto-native experiment where players summon Wizards to compete in a global tournament for the title — and prize — of Big Cheeze.

Every Wizard is a cryptocollectible, or non-fungible token (NFT), much like your CryptoKitties. That means each Cheeze Wizard is special — like you. They’re immortal, magical, and capable of world-changing feats.

Sadly, they spend most of their time getting into petty disagreements online.

Maybe you do too!

Win big by becoming the Big Cheeze

In Cheeze Wizards, players use ether to summon Wizards to compete in a series of duels that make up the Cheeze Wizard Tournament. Every Wizard summoned increases the size of the Big Cheeze, the title and grand prize awarded to the Wizard who wins the tournament.

The Cheeze Wizard tournament is a global, multi-week event. During the tournament, Wizards duel one another on a daily basis, gaining power proportional to the size of their victory.

During the final phases of the tournament, blue mold begins to appear, devouring any Wizards below a particular power. If your Wizard loses all their power or falls below the blue mold threshold, they’re out of the tournament.

At the end of the tournament, the last and most powerful Wizard becomes the Big Cheeze, gaining the honour and ether that comes with the title.

Cheeze Wizards is not a blockchain-based Fortnite killer

Cheeze Wizards might qualify as a battle royale game, but it is a game built on emerging technology. Fornite is built on an engine with 20+ years of experience and iterative improvement behind it. The resulting products will not be analogous.

The gameplay in Cheeze Wizards is relatively simple, utilizing a game logic and battle system more similar to Pokemon than Street Fighter. The art is deliciously weird and beautifully animated, but it’s two-dimensional and won’t melt your graphics card.

The relative simplicity of Cheeze Wizards is by design. There are still numerous challenges when you first use a blockchain-based product, and we wanted the game to be accessible to anyone with cryptocurrency.

A simple foundation is one of the best to build up from: mechanics can be tweaked, art is modular and can evolve, and new features can be added without compromising the core concept.

Our approach to Cheeze Wizards

Right now, Cheeze Wizards is as much an experiment as it is a game.

We wanted to create an experience that was only possible on the blockchain, and we wanted it to be unique. A lot of lessons from CryptoKitties informed our approach.

CryptoKitties proved blockchain games and NFTs are possible; Cheeze Wizards explores a whole new corner of the map.

CryptoKitties is centered around cuteness, cooperation, and fosters a “many hands make light work” mentality around its core mechanics, like meta-puzzles and fancy chases. Cheeze Wizards is bizarre, competitive, and encourages a “there can only be one” approach to its gameplay.

Cheeze Wizards are designed for extensibility.

Immediately after launching CryptoKitties, people began building new products on top of it. We call this collection of extensible experiences The KittyVerse.

Extensibility is one of our biggest priorities with Cheeze Wizards. We may be the creators, but we want this game to belong to the community.

Every Cheeze Wizard is an NFT designed for extensibility. By empowering independent creators and third-party developers to make their own cheezy tools, projects, and features, players get new value and new experiences. Those creators can tap into a proven concept, audience, and resources. Even better, they can actually capture value from the contributions they make to the ecosystem.

The WizardVerse (name is still being decided!) can feature tools that help you play, or gameplay that lives in different or complementary experiences.

Cheeze Wizards is a social experience

There’s a reason “cheese” is usually followed by “party”. In Cheeze Wizards, you can form a party with you and your friends’ Wizards, and together, you can compete for special prizes. Think of it as Cheeze Wizard’s version of guilds.

And what’s a player-versus-player experience if you can’t interact with your opponents? Because the Cheeze Wizards Tournament is a multi-day and global event with real-time considerations, a strong social element is necessary to keep all the participants engaged with what is going on.

Twitter is heavily integrated into Cheeze Wizards, and while a Twitter account isn’t mandatory to compete, it will enhance the experience considerably. Players who use Twitter to log into Cheeze Wizards will receive special benefits, like being entered to win a limited edition “Founder Wizard.”

We’ll reveal more details around Cheeze Wizards’ social elements soon.

A lot of folks have asked why it’s called Cheeze Wizards…

Cheese is delicious, smelly, and takes time to mature. Magic has always been a metaphor for the exciting and the unknown. The combination describes our feelings about the technology behind decentralization quite well.

Blockchain is ripening into something special. There is still potential to be figured out, tasty ideas to explore, and exciting experiences to take part in. And, yes, some of the claims people are making about the tech… well, they smell a bit funny.

So let’s have fun with that.

> Experience the magic of Cheeze Wizards for yourself!

Dapper Labs

The serious business of fun and games on the blockchain

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The serious business of fun and games on the blockchain

Dapper Labs

The serious business of fun and games on the blockchain

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