Dapper Labs x The Fabricant x Johanna Jaskowska SS19 iridescence

From the makers of CryptoKitties, the world’s first haute couture as a one-of-a-kind non-fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain

Roham Gharegozlou
May 9, 2019 · 3 min read
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iridescence by Dapper Labs x The Fabricant x Johanna Jaskowska

Digital clothing is a new phenomenon (What is digital clothing? –Vice).

Think of it as self-expression unbounded by the limitations of reality — and the environmental costs of consumption.

In fashion, authenticity is important.

Authenticity of the outfit itself, like who made it and where it came from, is important, but so is the fandom behind the outfit.

Being the first to buy or wear the newest drop matters.

Limited edition matters.

Real ownership matters: I need to take my fashion anywhere I want to be.

Watch this space: https://seethruclub.com/

iridescence is a one-of-a-kind digital outfit created by Dapper Labs, The Fabricant in Amsterdam, and Johanna Jaskowska, the creator of the beauty3000 Instagram filter. Johanna is pictured below modeling the piece.

Johanna Jaskowska models iridescence

The outfit will be digitally tailored to the winner, who will receive ownership as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • It belongs fully to its owner: that sounds redundant, but the status quo today is that almost everything of value on a closed platform actually ends up belonging to the platform on which it was created.
  • It’s impossible to copy or steal: blockchain assets can’t be counterfeited, and the core tech securing them has never been compromised. Great for consumers, but also for creators to protect the value of their works.
  • It’s portable: an owner of an NFT can take it into any experience, app, or interface that supports it, no matter who the developer is, when the experience was created, or how centralized it is!
  • It’s open: any developer can build any application for any blockchain asset — without asking permission or taking platform risk. The upshot is that there are hundreds of wallets today where you can visualize your CryptoKitties, instead of just one!

A digital outfit that exists as an NFT on the blockchain can be bought, sold, traded, and visualized in any platform or interface.

Where we’re coming from.

NFTs are digital assets that are not tied to any specific platform or interface, and that’s incredibly important for the future of the internet.

Whether the owner chooses to show her or his outfit off on Instagram or Snap or TikTok, the ownership of the outfit is recorded on the blockchain, outside the purview of any of these platforms.

Blockchain lets creators sell digital goods unbundled from the digital platform they use to create or distribute it, and from the digital platform the buyer chooses to consume it in.

On today’s “centralized” web, the vast majority of interactions between artists and creators — or between brands and fans — happens on end-to-end products like Facebook or Instagram.

These closed platforms started as middlemen for our data and for the value passing back-and-forth, but today they look more like digital dictatorships: misusing our trust, inhibiting competition, and making it difficult to leave.

Using blockchain, developers can build products and services that let people create and exchange value directly, reducing reliance on the middlemen bringing them together.

These open platforms will give choice, control, and freedom back to the creators and consumers they serve.

The winner of iridescence will have 20 days after the auction to be custom fitted on a high-quality photograph of their choice. All proceeds from the sale go to charity.

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