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Enter the Octagon: UFC on Flow brings MMA to crypto

One of the world’s fastest-growing sports joins forces with the creators of CryptoKitties and the Flow blockchain

Kickstarting network effects with games and onboarding

Flow is designed for a future where blockchain — or crypto — is a standard part of the software stack, easy to use by consumers and developers.

  1. Emphasize user-friendly onboarding and low-friction payments across dapps
  2. Bootstrap network effects and empower developers to build the future

What makes Flow different: technical details

Unlike other blockchains with a single specification for a validator, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, Flow divides the work of processing a transaction and validating a block into four different steps, each handled by a different validator node type. The separation of concerns in this multi-role design dramatically improves the performance of the network, as outlined in our first technical paper: Flow: Separating Consensus and Compute.

Flow multi-role validator nodes
  • Protocol level smart contract wallets for every user account: protecting against lost accounts and forgotten private keys
  • Upgradeable smart contracts: making it possible for developers to fix mistakes without building risky backdoors

Jump in and start building today

If you’re a developer, sign up for the Flow Alpha for a chance to have your apps highlighted right next to those by the biggest brands in the world.



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