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Meet Dapper: a Smart Wallet to Make Blockchain Safe for Everyone

Smart contract wallets are an essential building block for the adoption of cryptocurrency and decentralized applications

Allow me to introduce Biscuit Waryhands:

Biscuit is the 1,567,733th CryptoKitty ever born; she’s also the 924th Kitty with the “Wrecked” cattribute. This will make her a rare pirate indeed: Kitties with Wrecked can only be bred for the next 13 hours!

Biscuit is particularly non-fungible because she has the Kaleidoscope eye colour, which is why her profile has that beautiful rainbow animation. She was bred by McDuff, a power player with over 7,400 Kitties who is one of the thousands of breeders investing their time and capital into a game they can have a meaningful stake in.

Intrigued? Check out our latest events for a place to jump in.

Over the past year, CryptoKitties’ biggest challenge has been building a dedicated community of players rather than speculators.

The easiest users to attract are speculators because they already hold crypto and know how to interact with the underlying technology.

Unfortunately, their interest is rarely in the product, or even the technology itself. Speculators’ “get rich quick” mindset harms the player community, and affected users churn fast.

The problem is that blockchain is still too intimidating. There are over a hundred ways to access the blockchain but all are too complicated for most audiences.

With great power comes great responsibility

One of the most tangible benefits of blockchain is the true ownership and complete control it can give users over their digital assets.

With the benefits of true ownership come the responsibilities of learning how to secure the all-powerful private keys. For the average user, that responsibility is not only a risk; it’s also a barrier to trying.

Software can help. It can give users a safety net, automate manual processes, and educate on new concepts by letting users play with them.

Dapper is the first blockchain interface that uses smart contract technology in the browser to make full custody over crypto assets safe and easy for everyday consumers.

We built Dapper to make it easy to use the blockchain safely.

Dapper will make it easy for anyone to own, trade, and play with cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Instead of storing the private keys that have ultimate control over your cryptocurrencies and collectibles on your device (where they can get lost), or on corporate servers (where they can be stolen), Dapper keeps everything safe in a secure smart contract on the blockchain.

The smart contract keeps you in control but automates as much security as possible to keep you safe — think of it as an Ironman suit for your private keys.

The suit gives Dapper a limited set of powers on your behalf:

  • reset your password if you forget it;
  • recover your account if you lose your device;
  • flag suspicious requests for further action;
  • pay gas fees for you.

These features are table-stakes for adoption, and yet they are quite complex to get right the first time because they involve an interplay between technology and user experience design.

That’s why we will open source as much of our work as possible so the entire space can benefit and move forward.

What’s Next for Dapper

When we started Dapper Labs, we were very clear about our mission to bring the benefits of blockchain to billions of people through the power of play.

Although we think of CryptoKitties as the “Mario” of blockchain, we realized we have a long way to go in building out the tools, infrastructure, and design paradigms for people to be able to use this technology easily and safely.

Dapper is the first step.

We go into public beta today, which means there are still plenty of rough edges. Please give us feedback — and be patient while we address it. Blockchain development isn’t easy (yet) and we have a lot of work ahead!

Technical details

At the heart of Dapper is a peer-reviewed, commercially audited Smart Contract Wallet. Each of your devices holds individual keys encrypted locally.

The Dapper Smart Contract itself is fully audited and final: this means you can safely use Dapper to store your most prized possessions. If you’re interested, you can check out the public security report by Sigma Prime here.

When Dapper creates a new Smart Contract Wallet, it generates several components:

  • Device Key: these are the private keys you use to initiate transactions. Dapper creates new Device Keys automatically and encrypts them locally, keeping them safe without you ever having to worry about it.
  • Rescue Kit: by itself inert, the Rescue Kit is also generated locally — you can throw it into Dropbox to keep it safe without worrying about getting hacked!
  • Co-signer: this is sent to our servers and is what gives Dapper our (limited) powers

The Dapper Co-Signer includes:

  • Deputy Signature: lets Dapper flag suspicious transactions and pay your gas fees. It can never initiate transactions.
  • Recovery Transaction: by itself, inert, but together with your Rescue Kit (stored by you) can reset and regenerate new Device Keys. The Recovery Transaction is what lets us restore access to your account without ever having any control over it.

At no point does Dapper or anyone else have access to any of your private device keys — these are generated and stored securely on each device.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be working to make a number of improvements to the user experience, especially for decentralized applications.

In particular, we are thinking through the best way to allow power users to create a “Master Key” that can bypass the Co-Signer functionality entirely. This key would be generated locally and secured by the user manually, allowing even the most staunch maximalists to use Dapper with confidence.

The issue is one of user experience: because private keys are powerful, they need to be secured appropriately.

Follow along: @Dapper_Labs

Give feedback: r[at]dap.pr




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