Meet the winners of the Cheeze Wizards Hackathon

Check out all the tools, apps, and features the community created for Cheeze Wizards!

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Oct 2, 2019 · 6 min read

Cheeze Wizards is designed with composability in mind. That means anyone can build on top of the game to create their own tools and features.

By keeping tournament logic on-chain, developers can create their own tournaments on top of the existing ruleset to leverage the built-in business model. By using Alchemy, developers can pair the Cheeze Wizards smart contracts with their own APIs, making it easier than ever to build third-party experiences.

Blockchain games can create portals into decentralized finance, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), and other blockchain building blocks. Many users are drawn to games as an accessible way to experience new technology. Cheeze Wizards gives the crypto developers something to experiment and learn with, an event to rally the crypto community around, and an opportunity to bring liquidity to popular smart contracts like Augur and 0x.

To showcase the Cheeze Wizards composability, Dapper Labs hosted a global online Cheeze Wizards hackathon from August 1st to September 15th. That hackathon spawned plenty of interesting projects, including native-wallets to hold your Cheeze Wizards, options to split the Big Cheeze, a way for the top players in your party to organize their own DAO, and more!

Meet the hackathon winners!

After much deliberation, the judges have selected three winners.

First Place: CheezeDAO

CheezeDAO created a decentralized autonomous organization based on your skill level. The better you are, the more voting power you have within your team. Essentially, CheezeDAO is a leaderboard with your friends where the top player can help guide decisions for the team.

Team members for CheezeDAO include: Jordan Lazaro Gustave, Rowan Van Ginkel, Ernesto Boado, Oleksandr Tkach, and Andrei Kozlov

Second Place: Cheeze of Insight

Cheeze of Insight lets you analyze your opponent’s full battle history. By studying their previous strategies you can detect patterns in their play style and choose strategies to exploit those weaknesses. It’s the Art of War meets dairy-based combat.

Team members for Cheeze of Insight include: Marcos Perona, Josh Dechant, Drew Taylor, Stephen Shelton, and John May

Third Place: Cheeze Wizards x Alice

Picture this: you’re sauntering down the sidewalk at DevCon. You catch the eye of someone wearing an Ethereum t-shirt (the one with the unicorn). You lock gazes and freeze. Your fingers fly to your pocket, ready to unholster your iPhone.

With the Cheeze Wizards x Alice mobile app, you can challenge people to a Cheeze Wizards duel any time, any place, even on the street (just watch out for innocent bystanders). This project lets you see an entire map of other players that are in your area, so you can get straight to battling. Very cool!

Team members for Cheeze Wizards x Alice include: Mark Pereira and Hao Fu

Category winners

Third-party experiences: Cheeze Wizards x Alice

Tools and features: Cheeze of Insight

Tournament and leagues: CheezXpress

0x Bounty winner: TokenTrove Cheeze Wizard Marketplace

Runner ups

CWStats team

The CWStats team, Magnus Huttu and Ivan Vagunin

Big Cheeze Tournament Gamble and Neutral Dragon Tournament team

The Big Cheeze Tournament Gamble and Neutral Dragon Tournament team includes Chandramouli S, Manoj Vijayasekar, Gowtham Selvam, Arun K, Arun Kumar, Mithun Vijayasekar, Srisha Pattabiraman, Muthukumaresh Muthuvel, Srinivas Chandan C, and Leena Sonawane

What’s next for Cheeze Wizards?

Cheeze Wizards future is in good hands

From runner up projects to early fans, we owe the growing Cheeze Wizards community of creators and players an immense amount of gratitude. The results have been tremendous — and we haven’t even launched yet.

We owe a special thanks to Alchemy for working on the Cheeze Wizards API. The Alchemy team hopped in right away dozens of times when our hackers needed help.

A huge thank you to the entire CoinList team, who were deeply involved from beginning to end. We loved working with their stellar crew: Regan, Justin, Shreyas, and Mike.

And of course, we can’t forget the line-up of judges and partners who rallied around the Cheeze Wizards Hackathon. We couldn’t have done it without the support from the following companies.

Finally, thanks to every single developer who participated in this hackathon and showcased what true composability looks like for a blockchain game. We believe the open worlds that blockchain enables is an exciting future, and every person who spent their free time over six weeks building incredible experiences for Cheeze Wizards made that future a little brighter.

We can’t wait for the Cheeze Wizards community to enjoy your hard work.

Want to join the Cheeze Wizards tournament?

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The serious business of fun and games on the blockchain

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The serious business of fun and games on the blockchain

Dapper Labs

The serious business of fun and games on the blockchain

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