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Presenting HaCKittieZ: Hackatao x AsyncArt x CryptoKitties

The future of art is personal, digital, and interactive — here are two ways you can make your mark right now

An Async artwork is comprised of layers (cats) and a master file. Each layer (cat) is a 1 of 1 NFT that allows the owner to customize its traits. Bidding is open now through Saturday 10:00am PT.
  1. Bid on AsyncArt: Bidding will close on October 24th 10:00 AM PT on all six 1/1 digital art “layers” as well as the master piece — head over now 🚀
  2. Breed Purrstige Kitties: Make your own art by breeding limited edition CryptoKitties that can only be bred October 24–31. More details below!

Purrstige What?

In CryptoKitties, there’s a particularly special kind of Cattribute called Purrstige Traits. They’re challenging, rewarding, and create some of CryptoKitties’ coolest looking cats.

About the Crew

🎨 The artistic diptych Hackatao was born in Milan in 2007 thanks to Sergio Scalet and Nadia Squarci. “Hack” for the pleasure of going under the skin and discovering what’s hidden inside; “Tao” for Yin and Yang, their creative dynamic balance. Hackatao’s creations have taken crypto art by storm.

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