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What is Composability?

The most common challenge people talk about Solana is its composability. The insufficient opened-source resources restrain developers to build and innovate efficiently.

This is the current bottleneck issue we face as protocols, developers and users in the space today, but what really is composability and why does this matter to you?

Let’s hop into the Universal Rabbit Hole and let us guide you through a journey to Dappio Wonderland.

Composability is incorporating distinct components to create new systems or products. In other words, composability allows one to build on the foundation of the predecessor to innovate new frontiers of blockchain applications. A good way to understand composability is to think of composable elements as puzzles. Each puzzle can be combined with another, allowing you to build a complex framework.

In Solana, every program is a puzzle of sorts — one can use program from other protocols as building blocks for projects. This means time won’t be spent on reinventing the wheel or building from scratch, but rather on innovation.

Dappio’s vision — Making the impossible possible

Dappio is dedicated to making Solana easy to build and onboarding top developers to the Solana ecosystem. Our Universal Rabbit Hole provides developers with a plug-and-play universal “Gateway” for a basket of DApps. Versatile enough to accommodate Farm, Vault, Money Market, and other DeFi needs, Universal Rabbit Hole empowers developers to build their ideal projects on Solana.

Composability encourages innovation and experimentation because developers are free to utilize, modify, duplicate, or integrate open-source code to create fascinating products.

As a result, devs spend less time on basic functionality and can allocate more time experimenting with new features.

Dappio is here to disrupt the entire Solana ecosystem and propel the growth of DeFi and NFT space.

What is our solution?


Navigator is a Typescript client for instantiating various kinds of DeFi protocols. You can use it as a standalone dependency in your own project or together with Dappio Gateway.


  • It’s a universal interface for various Solana DeFi Protocols (Pool / Farm / MoneyMarket / Vault / Leveraged Farm / etc)
  • It’s a CaaS (Composability-as-a-Service) that standardizes inter-protocol interaction on Solana to unlock the potential of composability
  • It’s a common knowledge base that helps Solana community learn and improve


Builder: Off-chain component that helps composing different DeFi actions

Protocol(s): Off-chain component that packages the specific instruction set of each protocol

Gateway: On-chain program that manages state and distributes fees

Adapter(s): On-chain program that connects base program and Gateway program

Benefits of Dappio’s Composable Framework

Four types of people will benefit from this composable framework:

  • Core Devs (BUIDL Gateway)
  • Protocol Devs (BUIDL Adapters)
  • General Devs (BUIDL on DAppes)
  • Users (Experience innovated Dapp’s products)

“Open source means every problem has to be solved once.”

If there is a program that solves one problem, other developers can reuse it, so they don’t have to solve the same problem. This way, developers can take existing software libraries and add extra functionality to create new dapps.

Universal Rabbit Hole unlocks previously unimaginable DeFi / NFT use-cases thanks to the power of composable Framework. In other words, Universal Rabbit Hole provides convenience for the developers building on DeFi protocols, as well as accelerates DeFi innovation throughout the whole Solana ecosystem. You can easily utilize various DeFi protocols like Lego pieces in Universal Rabbit Hole. Imagine a developer leveraging Universal Rabbit Hole to connect Raydium Swap + Saber LP + Tulip Vaults, creating an innovative DeFi product on these services. Projects like this naturally lead to more DeFi choice and better user experiences in the Solana ecosystem.

Dappio is thrilled to be leading this revolution.

How can I start to build?

Here is an example of building a DApp on Universal Rabbit Hole.

Navigator is fully open-sourced now! Here is the Github repo.


  1. Protocols — Universal Rabbit Hole provides an integration framework for Protocols to build composable service Adapter.
  2. Developers — Universal Rabbit Hole saves time spent reading/trying those protocol SDKs individually.
  3. DeFi users — More DeFi innovation protocols available, with better user experience on Solana ecosystem

Current Adapters

  • Raydium (Farm / Pool)
  • Saber (Farm / Pool)
  • Orca (Farm / Pool)
  • Lifinity (Pool)
  • Solend (Money Market)
  • Larix (Money Market)
  • Tulip (Money Market / Vault)
  • Francium (Money Market)
  • Katana (Vault)

Upcoming Adapters

  • Jupiter (Swap)
  • Tulip (Leveraged Farm)
  • Francium (Leveraged Farm)
  • Dappio (Vault)
  • Friktion (Vault)

And More to come….

Future Roadmap of Universal Rabbit Hole


  • Auditing with partners (Ongoin)
  • Guideline of interacting with adapters / framework (October)
  • Guideline of building an adapters; integrate with framework (November)

Technical Improvement

  • Pluggable adapters implementation (October)
  • Fee implementation (November)
  • Configurable state management with multiple input / output (November)

Composable Solana

Dappio’s Universal Rabbit Hole will accelerate the next generation of developers to experiment new features and explore concepts in the Solana DeFi ecosystem. The Gateway and our Adapters will be valuable tools to stimulate this growth.

Team Dappio is dedicated to working closely with our current and future protocol partners to explore endless possibilities with Universal Rabbit Hole. We can’t wait to amplify the Wonderland user experience for every DeFi user in Solana.

Our Composable Framework will create opportunities, attract developers/projects/investment and help scale the Solana ecosystem.

To stay updated with our roadmap and latest updates, find our monthly updates here:



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