DAppNode NFT’s Have Arrived!

NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) or as the folks at CryptoKitties like to call them, Nifties™ are most often used for things like collectibles and gaming. They are great for creating digital scarcity and uniqueness because they can accept metadata. But there is soooo much more they can be used for!

If you think of ERC20 tokens as a general admission concert ticket available to anyone without any unique characteristics, then NFT´S / ERC721 are like a plane ticket, which are only available to specifically registered passengers with their own unique qualifications.

The possible uses of NFT’s vary widely from manufacturing, accounting, and maintenance. For example, a digital or physical title of property, proof that you contributed to a social cause that can fractionalize the ownership and use of any asset which comes to mind.

The question is, why would someone running a DAppNode need an NFT ?

The answers to those questions lie inside the creation of the DAppNode token (DAN). Each certified DAppNode hardware device comes with a unique DAN, and serves the following primary functions:

  1. Proof of Authenticity including — TokenID, number of unit, manufacturer, certified software.
  2. Proof of Contribution including — Device certificate, official donor/supporter, opt-in network metrics (Giving an estimation of the amount DAppNodes running on the network without compromising user privacy.)

For all these we could have issued paper warranties or a similar data system, but not without employing customer tracking information. This is something we will NEVER do because that would compromise the privacy of our users. For DAppNode to achieve its goal of validating each of the users that support the association cryptographic certificates of authenticity are the better choice.

The best part is that tokens won’t only be available to people who buy new devices. Not at all! Anyone who would like to be a stakeholder can purchase the DAN token and become a contributor of the project.

With the support from our allies at Aragon the DAN contract has been published.

The DAN token comes standard with the purchase of any certified DAppNode hardware, for those who wish to acquire a token without the purchase of hardware just ping the DAppNode general telegram channel. The fund gathered through selling tokens go to providing a sustainable source of income to the core development team of DAppNode, which currently runs on grants and donations from community members.

So whether you have already purchased a DAppNode powered server, downloaded the software yourself or just want to support work of the DAppnode Association, the tokens can be acquired easily and in a few weeks time they will distributed directly from DAppNode DAO.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the future plans of this project or participating in the community you commentary is welcome, because this project is by the people for the people.

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