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It has never been easier to run your own node

Pol Bordas
Jun 3 · 4 min read

9 months ago, we created DAppNode as a platform that allows 1-click install of P2P nodes in order to help decentralize the infrastructure layer of such P2P networks. It wasn’t enough. Now we are selling pre-installed hardware that will work out of the box. Plug and play nodes!




DAppNode goes physical

Our initial idea was that people would install DAppNode in their own machines and would run a node from their homes. But we soon realized that providing the software was only half of the battle. Not everyone had a spare machine to install it in, and a lot of DAppNodes were installed in VPSs. While this method still increases the number of nodes in the chains and therefore it increases the architectural decentralization of the network, the fact that these machines are owned by centralized companies like Amazon, Microsoft or Digital Ocean makes the network vulnerable to an arbitrary decision from these companies.

The same happens with Infura. While there is nothing intrinsically wrong about it, and it’s a great tool for developers to quickly test products and query the network, it is the dependency on this sole central party that is dangerous for the ecosystem. Even Michael Wuhler, co-founder of Infura, raises it as a “valid concern” and states that “If every single dapp in the world is pointed to Infura, and we decided to turn that off, (…) the dapps would stop working”.

After some research, we found that approximately 70% of the Ethereum nodes are hosted in VPSs. Not only this, but the number of nodes has been declining steadily. And this decline makes sense if we consider that some of these nodes are run by good samaritans as a service to the community and can cost up to 60$/month!

So in order to make it even easier to secure a P2P network, DAppNode will start selling physical servers that will work out of the box. We expect that this will provide a path a convenient solution for everyone to truly decentralize the infrastructure layer underpinning their favourite networks.

Hard talk

We are fully committed to provide high quality software, but we want to provide the same quality stamp in the hardware that comes from us. Therefore, we are using intel’s small format PCs and adapting them with enough memory and space to allow them to run whatever nodes you may ask from it.

While it is true that we considered cheaper options and setups, we decided that, since the DYI option is always available, we would focus on offering the simplest but also the most robust product available and cover it with a warranty. Moreover our aim is not making money selling hardware but to create the conditions for making as easy as possible for anyone to run their own nodes with the ultimate objective of decentralizing the hardware layer. we are keeping prices as low as possible! If you grab a DAppNode Box you are not only getting a high quality piece of hardware but you are contributing to DAppNode association and its mission.

They come in threes

Since not all Nodlers are created equal, not everyone will need the same specs or will have the same resources. We have prepared 3 versions of the DAppNode Box to better suit everyone.

  • DAppNode Basic: INTEL NUC I3 8 SERIES / DDR4 8GB / HD INTEL 512 GB NVMe. This will get you covered with the minimum requirements. You will be able to run a chain and a few DApps, store local copies of decentralized webs and use it to be the gateway to the decentralized world to your community.
  • DAppNode Advanced: INTEL NUC I5 8 SERIES / DDR4 16GB / HD INTEL 1TB NVMe. This is the best fit for most users and should work for all your decentralization requirements. You could easily fit the Bitcoin and the Ethereum blockchains and have a lofty plus.
  • DAppNode Archive: INTEL NUC SKULL CANYON I7 / DDR4 32GB / HD INTEL 4TB NVMe (2x2TB). For developers or researchers who want to have a full archive node, they will need serious space. The DAppNode Archive is the beast that can handle their demands.

They will all come with:

  • A WiFi card to connect directly through its WiFi with no need for configuring a VPN
  • A Nodler ID NFT included in an ETHCARD
  • The latest version of DAppNode preinstalled, with all its packages, admin UI, device permissioning system and the many updates that will come in the future! Have a look here to see what DAppNode has delivered so far.

Wanna see them from closer? Head to shop.dappnode.io!

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DAppNode is empowering people by creating a simple, transparent system for hosting P2P clients for DApps, Cryptocurrencies, VPNs, IFPS and more…

Pol Bordas

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Passionate about a better world and technology. #DAppNode #Blockchain4Good



DAppNode is empowering people by creating a simple, transparent system for hosting P2P clients for DApps, Cryptocurrencies, VPNs, IFPS and more…

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