DAppNode will soon sell physical dappnodes!

Deal with them

Pursuing its mission, DAppNode will begin to offer a convenient hardware solution with a DAppNode inside. Still, we encourage you to grab the code and install it on your own hardware, we really need more #nodehodlers, so we give a step ahead to push even further hardware decentralization. No excuses now for running nodes in VPS. #serveyourself #RunYourOwnNode

DAppNode´s ultimate mission is to become foundation of decentralization by enabling an infrastructure layer owned by its users, and for this purpose we are developing our technology thanks to the support of the community.

We take our mission very seriously and feel a strong commitment to the community to achieve our goal, and at the same time, we are aware of the challenges posed both by our mission itself, and the need for sustainability of an open source project such as DAppNode.

We also love to hear how people want to buy a DAppNode, and they ask us about it. So we have decided that although DAppNode is free and anyone can install the software on the hardware they prefer (and we will continue to encourage that), we will begin to directly provide hardware with pre-installed DAppNode and an NFT that accredits you as #hodler of a DAppNode and supporter of the Association.

This way you will receive comfortably at home your server ready to go, while you contribute to the development and sustainability of an open source project like DAppNode.

We are greatly concerned about the node concentration on a few VPS providers. This flys in the face of the vision of the new Web3 World. We must take a step ahead and start proactively pushing the self-operation of nodes by offering users not only the convenience of DAppNode software but also the convenience of a high-quality piece of hardware with DAppNode installed.

DAppNode was meant to make it easy to be a nodehodler and now you do not even need to install it yourself. We must collapse any barrier that slows down infrastructure decentralization. We can’t subsidize the ownership of DAppNodes for the sake of infrastructure decentralization (but if YOU want to, reach out for a bulk discount ;-)), but what we can do is deliver an awesome hardware + software bundle that allows us to fulfill our goals and provide a complete and convenient solution directly at your door.

The difference between running a node, and running a node with DAppNode

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