Introducing Dappos: An open-source Ethereum Point of Sale for your retail

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3 min readJul 27, 2018


Meet Dappos! An Ethereum based Point of Sale (POS) system for an excellent retail experience.

Dappos is a simple and intuitive POS, suited for any shop or merchant. It can be opened in the browser of a mobile Ethereum wallet like Trust Wallet. Then just type an amount, tap charge and you can get paid directly to your wallet! We feel that this is the simplest way for any shop to offer Ethereum as a payment option to your customers.

Easy Ethereum payments, for all businesses

Our mission is to make it possible for anyone to easily accept crypto currency payments. That’s why we really focussed on the ease of use. There shouldn’t be any annoying sign-up procedures or high inital fees.

We are developing Dappos open source and are not taking any fees! Therefore it’s also perfectly suited for small businesses.
Furthermore, with Ethereum the confirmation speed is rather fast and we believe the Ethereum blockchain has much potential! There are also many wallets that can run apps straight from the wallet.

We aim to make a world where Ethereum is usable in real world situations.

*Video has audio as well

Dappos’ features

  • Easy to pay through QR code
  • Keypad to type in any sale amount and add multiple items to a cart
  • Manage a list of items you can quickly add to the cart (with animations! 😃)
  • Get paid directly to wallet automatically (eg. Trust Wallet, Toshi 📲)
  • Keep a history of your sales saved to your account
  • Watch the blockchain for transaction confirmations after the customer’s payment (minimum required confirmations customizable ⛏)

Open source

We are developing Dappos as an open-source project! Everyone can check the source code here. Anyone can host the UI on their own servers.

Beta & Future plans

We are happy to announce that we are launching Dappos for Ethereum in a closed beta, today!
Merchants can sign up, test it out and help us make Dappos even better by giving feedback.

Some things we have already planned for the future:

  • ERC20 token compatibility
  • Automatically set the required confirmation count based on cart price
  • New and easy to use sales dashboard
  • State channel support (eg. Raiden)

Get early access

You can sign up for the beta here:
If you are a merchant open to new payment methods, let us know what you think!
If you are a retail store and want to integrate the POS in your business you can contact us at

Join the conversation to tell us what you’d like to see or if you need any help!