Create your own EOS account easily using the non-service-fee DApp: “signupeoseos”

Most EOS wallets have shut down their free EOS account registration service recently due to the increasing cost of EOS RAM. Some unreliable 3rd party agents claim to help register EOS accounts for other people but steal private keys and assets instead.

We create this DApp called “signupeoseos” to help you create you own EOS account in a fast way easily without charging you extra service fee.

Bitfinex withdraw screenshot

As shown in the above screenshot:

You only need to withdraw around 2 EOS ( the exact amount might vary based on the EOS RAM price) to our Dapp address: “signupeoseos”. Remember to fill in the “MEMO field” with the 12-bit EOS account name that you want to create, followed by your public key address (separated by the minus sign “-”)

PS: If you don’t know how to get the public key, you can try or Scatter( And check your favorite account name exist or not on any EOS blockchain explorer, like eosflare(

You can create your account by a simple transfer or withdraw operation and check the created account info on “” or “”.

account on screenshot

Our DApp will register the account for you without charging extra service fee.

Among the 2 EOS that you transfer to us, 0.1 EOS is mortgaged for the CPU resource, another 0.1 EOS is mortgaged for the bandwidth resource, and all the remaining 1.8 EOS will be used to purchase EOS RAM for your newly created EOS account. Also, if you’d like to buy more EOS RAM for investment purpose, you could transfer more than 2 EOS, all additional EOS will be used for buying EOS RAM for your account. In this way, you can invest EOS RAM without an EOS wallet at all.

actions of signupeoseos on screenshot

As you can see, all registration operations are done by our DApp “signupeoseos” on the EOS network automatically once you finished the transfer/withdraw operation.

If you encounter any problems, you could contact us via our Telegram or Discord.


Frequently asked questions:

Can I register by a simple transfer operation or withdrawing from exchanges other than Bitfinex?

Yes, a normal EOS transfer would work. But for withdrawing from some other exchanges such as “huobi”, there might be uppercase character restistriction for the MEMO field, which is not supported for now.

Is there a service-fee charged by “signupeoseos”?

No. “signupeoseos” is a DApp and you can check the details on the EOS network.

Will I lose my EOS if I transfer inadequate EOS?

No, unsuccessful registeration will fail the entire transfer transaction and you will not lose any EOS.

What if I transfer more EOS than necessary?

All additional EOS will be used for purchasing EOS RAM for you newly created account. User will not lose any EOS.

What if I fill in the wrong format in the MEMO field during the transfer?

If the MEMO comment format is incorrect, it will fail the entire transfer transaction and you will not lose your EOS.

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If you have any feedback or question regarding rules or source code, please feel free to reach us.

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