Battle Racers goes live with early access and launches its Season 1 crate sale

It’s time to battle race

Dec 2, 2019 · 3 min read

Following its successful pre-sale in May 2109, which raised over $170,000, developer Altitude Games is gearing up to take its colorful super-deformed multiplayer arcade game Battle Racers live.

It’s just launched an early access browser-based build of the Ethereum-based game, which anyone can play once they fill in this registration form.

And — in conjunction — Altitude is launching what it’s calling its Season 1 crate sale on 3 December 9am EST.

This features 52 new sets of cars (6 brands each with 2 new vehicle models and 4 new colors plus specials).

These include eye-catching cars such as the Guerilla Cyber (a version of Tesla’s Cybertruck); a Binance-themed car, plus tie-ins with blockchain outfits such as MetaCartel and Vista Cartel.

The Guerilla Cyber
The Binance-themed racer

Indeed, anyone playing the early access build before 20 December will also be entered into a crate giveaway that will see 85 crates randomly distributed to players.

Great crates

Crates are limited in number, and classified from wood (1 car part for 0.03 ETH) and bronze (2 for 0.1 ETH) to silver (3 for 0.3) and gold (4 for 0.7).

The more expensive the crates, the more likely they are to contain more rare parts. Parts are graded common, rare and epic. (You can read more about the drop rates here.)

Each vehicle in Battle Racers consists of four parts: wheels, body, spoiler, and bumper.

The game has six standard vehicle types or brands. Each part is also classified by its brand and to build a car you need to ensure all four parts are from the same brand.

Time to play

But the game is also free-to-play, so if you don’t have any parts yet, you can just use a default practice car, although some game modes are limited to players who have bought parts and combined them into cars.

Of course, as well as the Season 1 sale, players can also buy parts on marketplaces such as OpenSea.

Finally, everyone can get involved with Battle Racers’ bounty program.

Running to 20 December, anyone who creates and shares content promoting Battle Racers will have the chance to win free crates. 10 ETH-worth of crates have been allocated.

Battle Racers is running several AMAs including one with DappRadar:

DappRadar Twitter ( — December 2, 6PM GMT+8 (5AM EST / 11AM CET)

You can also chat directly with the team via Discord.

Keep up-to-date with the world of dapps at DappRadar.

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