DappRadar adds ERC20 token tracking for all Ethereum dapps

Shows true value of DeFi and DEX categories

Nov 19, 2019 · 1 min read

Continuing its drive to provide the most trustworthy and accurate dapp data, DappRadar has started tracking full token transaction volumes for ETH dapps.

Previously only the volume of the native ETH cryptocurrency was tracked, but now ETH dapps will be ranked on the total volume of all ETH-based ERC20 tokens passing through their smart contracts.

This will greatly increase the transparency of value creation on the Ethereum blockchain, especially for decentralized exchanges that support the trading of ETH-based tokens and the fast-growing DeFi category.

One example is the ForkDelta exchange which previously showed a 7 day ETH volume of $778,000.

DappRadar’s full token tracking on ETH now shows an additional $16.8 million worth of weekly transaction volume (on day of writing).

Full token tracking has revealed over $73 million in additional weekly Ethereum transaction volume. (On day of writing)

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