DappRadar presents: Prospectors

EOS economic strategy game is on the rise

Jul 17 · 2 min read

As we recently noted, there’s been something of a resurgence of dapp activity on the EOS blockchain.

And one dapp that’s in the leading pack when it comes to daily active wallets is Prospectors.

Developed by a new team out of Ukraine and launched in late June, Prospectors is an economic strategy game.

Set in gold rush times, players start off with no resources except three workers. By using them to perform tasks and earn gold, you can — over time — buy tools to complete more complex tasks, eventually constructing buildings, renting land and then directly mining for gold.

Prospectors also has a deep metagame, including creating unions (the game’s version of guilds) to perform more complex tasks and offer cheaper resources to other union members.

Gold in them their hills

It’s a package that’s providing attractive, with Prospectors quickly climbing to over 2,000 daily active wallets.

At time of writing, this makes it the fifth most popular dapp across all the blockchains DappRadar tracks, and the second most popular game behind mobile game EOS Knights.

You can get some idea of how the early gameplay works in the following video.

Find out more about Prospectors, and check out our special event here.

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