Ethereum DApps — a billion dollar market in 2018

Clickbait? Of course! — Ethereum Dapps List

Ethereum Dapps are doing really great last weeks. is tracking over 100 most popular ethereum applications already and listing more than 10 new dapps each day.

Almost 100.000 Ether in 2 weeks

It only took 15 days for the dapps on ethereum network to make a circulation of 95 thousand ether (95.000). Talking about cash, it is about $82 million dollars. Currently, market is occupied by games. Many of these games are ponzi-like collectibles and if you ask me, I would say they will stay here until we have enough really usable dapps for real world cases. Once they come the market will most probably explode. In a good way.

But let’s take in mind that current dapps are going to stay here for a while with similar ether circulation. In just 7 months ethereum dapps will generate a transactions volume of more than 1 BILLION DOLLARS. That sounds like the best time to jump into this train and start developing ethereum applications!

I am a developer of — ethereum dapps analytics website. Anyone can come to DappRadar and get a first sight on most popular dapps or the ones with the highest volume. Getting tens of dapps to review everyday I believe in this market. I believe in ethereum. Let’s do our best and support developers with good ideas!

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