Up 82% YoY: Ethereum continues to dominate the dapp ecosystem in 2020

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Feb 11 · 6 min read

Ethereum is off to a great start in 2020. Compared to January 2019, its daily active unique wallet count user is up 82% to 16,840.

TRON is also rising, with its user base up 33% when compared to 2019 January.

But while these two blockchains rose, EOS has seen its daily active unique wallet count drop by 61% over the past 12 months.

Drilling down to categories, in January 2020, the largest category of dapps on Ethereum was Games & Marketplaces, which saw its combined total of daily active unique wallets up 163% when compared to 2019 January.

The biggest success story of the year so far has been Ethereum game Brave Frontier Heroes which has reached 1,240 daily active unique wallets.

Lottery-style DeFi dapp PoolTogether also experienced strong growth, doubling its daily active unique wallet count to 283 users.

Activity on TRON remains heavily concentrated in the Gambling & High-Risk category, which accounts for 83% of the total user base.

Ethereum continues to expand

Ethereum remains the most significant smart contract blockchain in terms of the number of active dapps deployed, the depth of its development community, and growth in users and value during 2019.

The beginning of 2020 looks promising as well. In terms of headline figures in January, the daily dollar value of activity across the Ethereum dapp ecosystem increased by 39% compared to December 2019 with daily active unique wallets up by 4%.

Comparing the data 2020 January to 2019 January on the Ethereum blockchain, there are significant changes in daily active unique wallets. The percentage change is 82% where the number of average daily active unique wallets was 9,264 at the end of 31st of January 2019, now reaching an average of 16,840.

Measuring the volume of tokens interacting with the smart contracts running on Ethereum represents how Ethereum is growing and expanding as a network for creating digital money and financial value.

Ethereum’s daily activity throughout January has been fairly constant, averaging around 16,840 daily active unique wallets. Activity peaked on the 8th of January, reaching 19,506 daily active unique wallets.

Talking about the comparison in categories, the number of daily active unique wallets in the Games and Marketplaces category at the end of January of 2020 was up 163% compared January of 2019.

Month-on-month, this increase was 7%, thanks mainly to the launch of Brave Frontier Heroes, which attracted 1,240 daily active users on its launch day. The category ended the month with 10,467 daily active unique wallets.

The decentralized application My Crypto Heroes was “ The most popular game on Ethereum in 2019 “. The game remains top of the chart having an average of 3,660 daily active unique wallets and a monthly retention rate of 75%.

Across the whole of January, the dapp game Knight Story maintained its position as the third most popular blockchain game on Ethereum with an average of 669 daily active unique wallets. Its user base is increasing every day, meaning that the dapp is steadily growing and is looking to show great results later this year.

Aside from games, the other main dapp category on Ethereum is DeFi or decentralized finance. The number of daily active unique wallets across such dapps increased by 7% in January compared to December 2019, reaching around 1,400 users.

The most popular DeFi dapps were: MakerDAO with an average of more than 350 daily active unique wallets; Compound with over 240 daily active unique wallets; and PoolTogether with around 100 daily active unique wallets.

Interestingy PoolTogether recently raised $1 million in VC funding. It first launched in June 2019, but its creators only started working on it full-time in August, launching version 2.0 in September. The dapp has made a sustained improvement during January and it keeps increasing its user base.

EOS: the pain continues

2019 was a difficult year for EOS. The beginning was positive but the ending was downhill all the way. The network congestion caused by the EIDOS airdrop significantly impacted general dapp usage.

And its impact has continued to be felt into 2020. Total daily active unique wallets across all EOS dapps dropped by 8% compared to December 2019.

This decline was particularly experienced in the Gambling & High-Risk category, which declined by 29%.

For example, decentralized application Gamblr has fallen by over 10,000 daily active unique wallets, Dice has decreased by more than 8,000 users, and EOS Royal by almost 6,800.

On the other hand, the most popular categories on EOS are Exchanges and Games. The top three dapps by daily activity on EOS in January are all in the Game & Marketplace categories.

The three dapps driving this growth are EOS Dynasty, Prospectors and Crypto Sword & Magic.

EOS Dynasty generated an average of 3,751 daily active unique wallets. And the dapp is number one not only on the EOS protocol but in terms of cross-chain rankings too.

Prospectors launched in July 2019 has built up a sustained audience of more than 2,300 daily active unique wallets. Although, the dapp is #2 on EOS, in cross-chain rankings it is #4. Moreover, last year, Prospectors launched on WAX where it sustained around 1,700 daily active unique wallets daily.

Crypto Sword & Magic has an average of 450 daily active unique wallets. The game launched in late June and remains one of the more visually appealing and accessible blockchain games.

TRON is gambling on success

The user base of the TRON dapp ecosystem rose by 8% in January 2020 compared to December 2019.

But while TRON’s total of daily active unique wallets has increased steadily, this growth in concentrated in one category — Gambling & High-Risk.

Indeed, DAUWs have been decreasing in other categories such as Games & Marketplaces — down 7% — and Exchanges — down 21%.

The most popular dapp on TRON during January was 888TRON with over 2,600 daily active unique wallets sustained during the whole month. The two other most popular gambling dapps were RocketGame and WINk.

Although WINk was the most popular (gambling) dapp on TRON during 2019, it has now dropped to the third position having an average of 1,405 daily active unique wallets.


We conclude by stating that each blockchain has performed differently when looked at from the perspective of its different categories.

Ethereum’s strongest categories are Games and Marketplaces which account for 58% of activity ending January with 10,467 daily active unique wallets, growing by 7% in the first month of 2020.

Comparing the growth of daily active unique wallets in January 2019 and January 2020, the category of Games & Marketplaces in Ethereum has increased by 163%.

Exchanges and DeFi dapps on Ethereum also show real promise with user increases of 9.7% and 7.1% respectively in January 2020.

Ethereum looks set to continue its growth too, with daily wallet total up 4% and the value of token flow up 39% month-on-month.

Problems for EOS look set to continue in 2020 with daily active unique wallets showing a decrease of 8% in January 2020.

TRON continues to show steady growth and a sustained user base in the categories of Gambling and High-Risk but still doesn’t appear to be maturing as a blockchain for dapps in other categories.

DappRadar will certainly be keeping a close eye on these blockchains and their performance over the coming months.

Originally published at https://dappradar.com on February 11, 2020.


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