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Are We Seeing The Great Pixelmon Revival? People Buying Their NFTs Again!

If you think that negative crypto sentiment will stop dapp development, you’re wrong. And things are getting more interesting in the gaming space, as products find their way into the hands of users. This week we’ve published the following articles:

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Pixelmon finds its way back into the spotlight

Kevin is the only NFT that remains as ugly as it was on reveal day

Remember Pixelmon? The project that made $70 million from NFT sales and then unveiled some of the ugliest game designs to have offer graced the internet? The Pokémon-inspired online role playing game Pixelmon has found renewed support within the gaming community, as trading activity for the game’s monster characters has been pumping. Weekly trading volume has increased 368%, ignited by Kevin’s cult status and on-going development from a new game studio.

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Mir4, a free fantasy MMORPG with lots of automated mechanics. (Source: DappRadar Mir4 page)

Have $10? Jump into these Play-and-Earn Games

Gaming is fun, but when NFTs are involved things can get very expensive quickly. But it doesn’t need to be this way. Mass adoption of blockchain-powered games will not happen through $100,000 NFTs, but instead through affordable options that reward player participation. We’ve listed 10 gaming projects you could give a try by spending $10 or less.

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