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The First Decentralized Platform of Cargo Transportation

Our mission — is to help cargo owners, carriers, cargo receivers, and other suitable platforms to receive and move cargos on as profitable terms as possible.
As I understand, they intend to provide a automated blockchain based service that help automated the communication process between cargo owner and cargo carrier

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Overall: The whitepaper is long, detail and full of information, It explains everything precisely. I highly recommend you read it yourself if you really want to invest on this Dapp or become an early adopters.

The main concept

The main concept of the project is to achieve a technological breakthrough in logistics by means of creating a transparent system of interaction between all the participants.

QUASA decentralized logistic platform offers innovative solutions based on the introduction of blockchain technologies to supply chain management.

QUASA platform is a system product created by a consortium of the most powerful, competent, and experienced logistic companies and organizations in Russia, the CIS, and other countries all over the world.

The business strategy of the multi modal application is based on providing customers with absolutely new way of interacting with the logistics market.

Market For the launch of the project we have selected the Russian logistics market due to the following particular features.

The logistics field in Russia accounts for 5.6% of the GDP. Russian forwarding services market is estimated to generate $1 billion a year and to account for 5% of the logistics market.

The consortium of companies supporting QUASA platform consists of the most powerful, competent, and experienced logistic companies and organizations in Russia, the CIS, and other countries all over the world.

World transport and logistic services market:

A market of 7 milliard people, 115 trillion in GDP, $9 trillion in transportation, $5,2 trillion $ in logistic services market.

Problems and Solutions

Today the cargo shipping market has very much in common with the taxi market before it was conquered by internet companies: it is non transparent, chaotic and divided between regional companies, not thanks to competition but due to unknown internal reasons and rules.

Clients are given the opportunity to interact with the carrier openly and clearly, which will help to solve all the crucial problems of the cargo shipping.

Problems of the industry Over 80% of all the cargo shipping is performed by intermediaries.

Strategic problems lead to certain risks of opportunistic behavior which are already included in the price of cargo shipping.

Final settlement is normally performed after the cargo owner receives the cargo from the carrier.

Most shipping agents insure only transport losses but not the loss of the cargo or the compensation of the damage.

The introduction of the whole cargo shipping cycle into the functions of a single application will help QUASA to offer valuable services in the logistics market: business processes with the use of QUASA platform are backed with more profitable and safe warranties than direct interaction between cargo shippers and cargo owners.

The Competition

Indirect competition

The main competitors are national aggregators, cargo exchanges, and local companies.

Despite the fact that these market players use obsolete principles and models, they have already taken a secure position in the logistics market.

QUASA takes the responsibility to block scam companies and to provide their investors only with the companies which they trust and which offer not only promises but something that already works,they are going to establish a corresponding division which will be engaged in quality control and product verification before the product is launched.

What is the difference between QUASA product and already existing solutions Unlike many other similar projects which have been introduced to the market recently, QUASA is not just a clone created with no regard for the problems of the cargo shipping market, difficulties faced by cargo shippers, or carriers’s needs.The company organizes cargo shipping without resorting to intermediaries.

Such an optimization helps to increase the efficiency of carriers’ activities, thus raising their profits, and at the same time reduce transportation costs for cargo owners.

QUASA is unique primarily due to its economic system based on blockchain technologies, smart-contracts, and its own Quasa Coin cryptocurrency, designed to protect cargo owner sand carriers.


Revenues QUASA revenues are made up as follows: Commission charges for any financial transaction in the perimeter of QUASA — 0.5%. Commission charges received from service providers — 0.1–5% or, on average, 3.0%.

The volume of financial operations of QUASA users for purchased logistic services is believed to amount to 1% * $1 trillion = $10 billion a year.
Revenues from the second type of monetization — commission charges for the services authorized by providers at the rate of 0.1–5%. QUASA platform unites all the interested parties in a single supply chain.

The whole list of profit-generating QUASA services is described in “Appendix 2. List of commercial services”.

In order to get access to all QUASA modules and functions, each authorized company will have to use the set of services provided by the platform.

In 2019 the company will expand the range of its services by adding customs services and introducing the opportunity to organize delivery of bulk load cargos.

Strategy of regional development QUASA service will be launched in the cargo transportation market in 2018.

More information about the token sale, road map and team:

I highly recommend you read the whitepaper yourself if you really want to invest on this Dapp or become an early adopters.
Whitepaper link:

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