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DAPPX integration with ACENT, brings disruptive game-changer to the world!

This article was published both on the Acent and dAppstore blogs.

Your Earth Powered by Acent Blockchain

Acent is intended to be a game changer in the blockchain space, and we are excited to announce that a testnet will be launched in January, prior to the mainnet launch

1. dAppstore, The vanguard of the Acent blockchain.

dAppstore is a newly released dApp publishing platform by Acent

Acent and dAppstore will naturally integrate key elements from each platform in order to expand the Acent ecosystem and provide users with a genuine dApp experience.

Following the launch of mainnet, dAppstore will be the first to contribute to the Acent ecosystem. It will be supported by Acent’s blockchain technology advancements, allowing it to take the lead in Acent’s ecosystem expansion.

In addition to contributing to the expansion of the Acent ecosystem, dAppstore will also serve as a blockchain publishing platform with a user-friendly interface and aggregated services. dAppstore will be the ultimate destination for users as it provides Steam-like platform owed to its ODIN technology*, Web 3.0 Osiris Browser, Multi-crypto metawallet, and other services.

Subsequently, users will be thrilled to experience real world benefits such as high resolution graphic applications (thanks to ODIN technology*), DAPPX pledging returns, launchpad, and various NFT airdrops.

Parallel to the upcoming Acent mainnet release, there will be various other dApps, including a metaverse project, and interesting, never before seen services that will be pre-released on the dAppstore.

  • ODIN (Osiris Desktop Application INterface) is an in-house Acent technology, implementing the high-resolution capabilities of Unreal Engine 5. It optimizes and executes the processing of dApps, platform, and game installation without compromising the platform’s speed, security, or quality.

2. Where real and virtual worlds collide One Perfect Life — Your Earth

Metaverse ‘Your Earth’

Your Earth’s open-world metaverse built with the high-end graphics of Unreal Engine 5 has been chosen as the second dApp in our ecosystem to be pre-launched through the dAppstore.

Your Earth’s user interface rendered by Unreal Engine 5

Your Earth aims to provide a high-end user experience by offering life-like immersion as well as an introduction to the installation and use of metaverses. This is made possible by Acent technology and its user-friendly interface. Furthermore, Acent’s native token ACE has been integrated into Your Earth, enhancing its tokenomics and governance. This will create an added value to Acent that would accelerate its popularity.

  • Transform your space into a paradise where anyone wants to visit and earn income!
Your Earth’s user interface rendered by Unreal Engine 5

Your Earth is an NFT-based, open-source metaverse platform, where users need to purchase land and secure ownership. Users of Your Earth will not only earn ACE tokens but will also be able to use their creativity and imagination to freely structure and build a virtual land of their own.

Use purchased land to create something magnificent, and use your imagination to create virtual landmarks. Decorating the site and generating traffic on the lot you own is one of the many ways to earn money from Your Earth.

Your Earth has a built-in algorithm that counts visitors who pass by. This is subsequently monetized in ACE. Users are rewarded with ACE for their dedication and time spent building the lot. Even if the landowner is not actively using Your Earth, the algorithm will continue to count and earn income. What exactly does this mean? Participants who have a lot of ACE early on have a better chance of earning money than everyone else!

  • What makes your heart beat faster?
Your Earth’s user interface rendered by Unreal Engine 5

There is no limit to Your Earth’s space. The only limitations are imagination and ACE. What if you could design one-of-a-kind shoes, convert them into NFTs, and sell them to become a wealthy shoe designer? How about building the house of your dreams and selling it on the NFT market? These are only a few examples of what can be done in Your Earth. Just remember that pursuing your passion can lead to exciting opportunities, including earning money on Your Earth.

  • Your Earth’s governance

What will Your Earth look like in 2 or 3 years? Many people dream of living in a world where they can express themselves freely without limitation. Imagine having a genuine equal opportunity to vote on the things you care about and the way the world is shaped.

Your Earth has a governance system that allows users to vote and to decide for Your Earth’s future. Users with Your Earth governance token could vote for important matters related to Your Earth’s service, policies, or information censorship. Users can also vote on future decisions such as system services, new services, service fee percentages, data censorship, data feed or search engine rules, censored content policies, and so on.

Your Earth recognizes that the most important factor among users is an enjoyable, fair, and transparent platform that would help them achieve their own personal goals and ambitions. By doing so, we can take it a step further and create a planet that has meaning for everyone.

To summarize:

  • You can create your space and get compensation when traffic occurs. This reward is paid out of the fee pool of all Acent’s transactions;
  • The more you trade through NFT creative activities, the more you create a circular economy with the demand and supply of the Acent ecosystem, and creators earn income.
  • By owning a governance token you can participate in Your Earth’s future decisions and experience better services. The more governance tokens you have, the more voting power you have.


Your Earth’s experience of the virtual world and NFTs are not limited to 3D avatars. Of course, the outstanding graphics of NFT and Unreal Engine 5 will allow you to feel the realistic game elements. But at the same time, it is intended to serve as a platform for expressing Acent’s vision by integrating Acent’s blockchain technology and all its product lines.

Furthermore, many services in the Acent ecosystem will be linked to Your Earth, spawning new meta-concepts, rules, and businesses, ultimately increasing the value of Your Earth’s standard currency, ACE, and increasing its governance power.

Your Earth is the complete package of Acent’s blockchain technology, encompassing all of the social, economic, and cultural dynamics of a metaverse. That is why we call it a “meta service” rather than a game. In a nutshell, Your Earth will become a “total life platform” that would reflect our day-to-day lives and businesses.

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