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Pledge and Play at dAppstore — Marble Game is here!

Our team is excited to share with you the release of Marble Game — one of the newest play-to-earn games in the dAppstore that combines rewards and thrill of retro arcade games!

DAPPSTORE — DAPPX Pledge x Marblegame

dAppstore is one of the newest decentralized applications that hosts a variety of play-to-earn games, cryptocurrency exchanges, and soon its very own NFT marketplace. It will surely hook the Squid Game fans and blockchain gamers alike as it releases its second play-to-earn game, the Marble Game.

Users need DAPPX to pledge for the in-game Zera required to play the Marble Game. DAPPX is the in-house token within the dAppstore ecosystem. It will function both as a utility token and a governance token — the latter meaning users would have a voting power equivalent to his/her DAPPX token. Pledging DAPPX can automatically earn users some Zera tokens.

Read on and be at the front seat of this exciting development!

  • What is pledging?

Pledging allows users to reserve their tokens within a particular period of time. Each pledged token would earn an equivalent token reward — much like your money on the bank that earns interests through time.

In dAppstore, users can now pledge for DAPPX tokens to accumulate Zera. Zera is an in-game currency required to participate in various applications and play-to-earn games within the dAppstore platform.

Best of all is Zera has real-world value! Through the “Zera Swap” feature, users may convert their accumulated Zera to DAPPX and convert DAPPX to fiat currency such as USDT.

  • User compensation and benefits

Pledging could be the best option for users who would like to invest early on the DAPPX token without having much to do. Other user benefits and compensation are as follows:

  1. The more DAPPX the users pledge, the more Zera they can accumulate
    for every DAPPX token the users pledge, they earn Zera. Zera earnings directly go to the Zera vault. From the Zera vault they can either transfer it to in-game Zera to be used in dAppstore applications or convert it later to DAPPX to monetize via fiat currency.

2.The earlier users join the pledging system, the faster they can accumulate Zera
users can take advantage of the pledging system from the outset to earn more Zera and to participate early in various projects of dAppstore that will grow their Zeras more.

How to Pledge DAPPX?

To pledge for DAPPX, simply follow these steps:

  1. Download an Orisis browser from https://browseosiris.com
  2. Activate the Osiris Multi-wallet located at the right side of the Osiris browser’s address bar by following some instructions.
  3. Once activated, connect the new or existing Osiris multi-wallet to dAppstore by clicking the profile icon that appears on the upper right corner of the dAppstore platform. It will prompt the user to log in to its Osiris Multi-wallet.
  4. A user interface will appear requesting for signature. Click the “Sign” button.
  5. You are now ready to pledge DAPPX for Zeras!

If you do not have DAPPX yet, click the “Buy” button and it will prompt you to the Kucoin Exchange. In the Kucoin platform, users should buy USDT first and convert USDT to DAPPX.

Upon converting from USDT to DAPPX in Kucoin exchange, users may already send it to their Osiris metawallet by copying the “Wallet Address” button from their dAppstore profile and pasting it to the Kucoin platform.

Users who have successfully transferred the DAPPX in their Osiris Multi-wallet, may now activate the “Pledge” button by putting a certain number of DAPPX in the field. Users may pledge from a minimum of 1 DAPPX up to a maximum of 300,000 DAPPX per transaction. Users can hold their pledges for up to 72 hours.

The maximum cumulative pledge for one account is set at 3,000,000 DAPPX. Also take note that users will have to pay a one-time activation fee of 90 DAPPX during their initial pledging.

Start using Zera in the Marble Game!

Play to Earn — MARBLE GAME

Now that you have Zera in your vault, you may try out the beta version of dAppstore’s newest play-to-earn game, the Marble Game!

To know more about the game, read the following articles:

To use your Zera for the Marble Game, just transfer some Zera from the vault to your in-game Zera. And voila! Make sure to enjoy and grow your Zera!


Marble Game is undoubtedly one of the most simple yet exciting ways to grow Zera. With a bit of luck and skills, a user can quickly double his or her Zera vault.

What is more, DAPPX is predicted to grow at an unprecedented rate from this year onwards, as dAppstore launches its exciting projects.

The DAPPX pledge is an opportunity for individuals to earn crypto without too much hassle and risk, while playing the Marble Game could achieve the same goal — only more fun and challenging than just mere waiting for Zeras to grow and accumulate in their wallets.

We expect DAPPX and Zera holders to be among the first to benefit from all our projects once the ball has started rolling. And playing the Marble Game is just an exciting beginning.

DAPPX is an in-house token in the dAppstore ecosystem that is currently listed at Kucoin Exchange.

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