Tel Aviv Dappathon & Blockchain Workshops 2018 Summary

Amir Hagafny
Oct 21, 2018 · 5 min read

The first decentralized applications hackathon had just been wrapped up. The hackathon took place in Tel Aviv and lasted 27 hours (starting at 9am on October 18th and ending at 12pm on October 19th). During the hackathon, a number of Blockchain lectures & workshops took place

Morning Workshops

At the start of the event, the developers that didn’t have any Blockchain development experience were able to learn the basics by participating in the Solidity workshop that was presented by Ophek Ozelle from the Blockchains Factory and the Web3 workshop that was presented by Eliezer Steinbock from DappWorks

During the Intro to Web3 workshop, the participants developed a hackathon voting dapp . You can check out the code for the app here

The Hacathon voting app that was developed during the Web3 workshop

Evening Lectures

The hackathon participates were joined by additional guests for a session of lectures presented by some Blockchain industry leaders. The topics of the lectures were as follows:

  • Vanessa Grellet & Dror Avieli, ConsenSys — Enterprise Blockchain Use Cases & Leveraging Blockchain Coalitions
  • Omri Cohen, Bancor — IBO — Token Generation With Built In Liquidity

We thank the speakers for joining us for this event.

Now, back to the hackathon.

The Goal

The goal of the hackathon was to bring new and veteran members of the community together, into this existing decentralized technology ecosystem. Together, they executed meaningful projects that shows perfect use cases of Dapps and smart contracts and can serve as the base layer of products that can be useful in the real world.

The Rules

  • 27 hours of hacking.
  • Teams of 1–6 participants were allowed.
  • Teams weren’t allowed to begin their projects until the competition officially begins. They could’ve built on top of previous projects whose code exists online.
  • The aim was to create a useful and usable products with a working POC (or better). The competition was Blockchain agnostic. The use of every Dapp platform or 2nd layer dapp platform solution was ok.
  • Teams had the full ownership of everything they built and are free to do with it as they wish.

The Judges

  • Omri Cohen — VP of Growth at Bancor
  • Sagi Bakshi — General Manager at IronSource
  • Or Wilder — Tech Lead at ConsenSys
  • Lior Messika — President at Eden Block VC
  • Lior Lamesh — CEO and Cofounder at Puzzzle
  • Eliezer Steinbock & Amir Hagafny — Cofounders at DappWorks

The Judging Criteria

Team judging and ranking was according to the following guidelines:

  • General — 25%
  • Technical Complexity — 25%
  • Originality — 25%
  • Usefulness — 15%
  • UX — 10%

The Winners

1st Place: “Edfolio”, 7000₪ Prize

Github repo:

Edfolio aims to solve a big problem — The integrity of the self proclaimed academic achievements. It does so by utilizing the Ethereum Blockchain.

Work places are affected by how poorly the integrity of academic achievements are being checked. Having a global and immutable database may aid in a better paring of a candidate to a company. Furthermore, it solves another issue that the Edfolio sole team member Jeremy experienced first hand. Jeremy had recently moved to Israel and was finding it to be a headache to verify and transfer his grades from the US. His solution may solve this bureaucratic hell for others.

2nd Place: “Cryptonomica”, 3000₪ Prize

Github repo:

Cryptonomica is the team members vision for corporations existing exclusively on the blockchain, a future which they believe will arrive sooner rather than later. In this hackathon they focused on the problem of a regular dividend distribution to the corporation’s shareholders, in a fair and trustless way. Ethereum blockchain presents certain technical challenges for this task and their idea was to solve them via both smart contracts and a backend application that anybody can run.

3rd Place: “Hackers”, 1500₪ Prize

The team behind the “Hackers” project developed an oracle to the Ethereum based prediction market dapp “Augor” in order to utilize it for a bug bounty incentives system.

By using the “Hackers” dapp, companies can offer incentives for hackers and cyber security researchers for finding vulnerabilities in their code. If a researcher believes he can find a vulnerability he can predict that a vulnerability exists and by finding it, his prediction comes true, thus he earns tokens for his correct prediction that is a product of his work.

Additional Prizes

Eden Block VC will also do a follow up with the top 3 teams. Furthermore, the first place winner “Edfikui” which is based on Ethereum will automatically get a chance to pitch the idea to Joseph Lubin, Founder of ConsenSys and Cofounder of Ethereum during ConsenSys Israel Pitch Week, 4–7 November 2018.

In addition, “SpearEOS” team won the Bancor challenge which offered 500$ worth of BNT to the team that best integrated Bancor in their project. They won by utilizing “BancorX”, a cross-blockchain decentralized liquidity network.


We want to say thanks to our list of sponsors. Without you this event wouldn’t have happened.

Special thanks to: Bancor, Orbs, IronSource, ConsenSys, Toda Research Institute, Puzzzle, Chainspace, Fit Makers and Blockchains Factory

Future events

Make sure to check out our website for future events:

In addition, you are welcomed to join our telegram group where developers from the community help each other in the fields of Blockchain and Dapp development.

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