Deloitte, Hailed as the top IT security consultancy in the world has been breached.

An insightful read, much of the original article from “The Register” is fairly technical so read on for a few insights into how you can apply this. You can also read the original story from “The Guardian” on Monday when the news was released.

Login details on public websites

Members of their staff left login details to their IT systems on websites available to anyone to find. To put it bluntly, this is the same as putting up a giant poster outside your business saying “The doors are unlocked, and this is the alarm code”

The attack started October 2016, only discovered March 2017

It is believed Deloitte only discovered the breach in March 2017 and then immediately commissioned a law firm in April, most likely to protect themselves from exposure from a number of their high profile clients whose data was at risk.

For a company that provides security services does not notice it has been breached for 6 months, Are vulnerable are their clients systems?

Every single email at risk

Deloitte’s 244,000 staff use a centralised email system. One of the items compromised was a master administrator account which would give an attacker the ability to read every single email from all their staff.

Given the sheer size of the data available, tracking down exactly what was breached could be impossible as the attackers had 6 months to peruse and download items.

You get what you pay for.

Deloitte is known far and wide for low-balling and under pricing other security companies. So when choosing a security provider, if the biggest company in the room is also the cheapest, either you have found a Unicorn or something is very wrong especially given the school boy error mistakes that have been discovered since the breach.

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