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How do I teach myself programming?

7 tips for getting started as a beginner.

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My computer teacher taught us “Logo” when I was in 5th grade. And I recall being astounded by how the computer responds to our commands. In India, I have yet to come across a high school that teaches computer fundamentals properly. Even though I had been interested in computers since I was in 5th grade, I didn’t really understand how they worked until I was in 10th grade.

Well, I wanted to learn to program so badly that I did it, despite the fact that I have no idea how to code or anything else properly! I decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. That was a wise decision because I’m having a great time doing what I’m doing right now!

How I started…

I began my programming career using C and C++ as my primary languages. To be honest, I struggled to understand the logic, methods, and syntax. I tried to master it for about 3–4 months. But you know what? It wasn't a wise decision! I didn't do any coding. I just learned the language, like how we are taught to learn anything in schools. And, I was terrible when I started to code myself and I thought, I should give up now. I had been doing everything wrong up until this point. That is the issue with being a self-taught programmer because you have no one to guide you from the start.

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“Programming isn’t my thing!” I thought. I was concerned that I was squandering my career by pursuing a graduate degree in computer engineering.

Then I took a break from programming, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do now. And I began researching “Which is the easiest programming language to learn?” on the internet. I was shocked to discover so many programming languages! Are all of these programming languages really real? Because I only knew two languages from the start (C++ and Java). That’s all!

That day, I thought of starting and giving one more try to learn how to program. This time, I picked up the “Python” language, as I was told that it is the easiest language on the Internet. It indeed is the easiest language to learn.

This time, I noticed that the logics and methods used in Python and C++ are very similar! Only the syntax was changing, and some computer fundamentals had changed. This time, I learned how to code very effectively because I remembered a lesson from my previous hectic 3–4 months, “How to Learn a Programming Language?” Currently, I know about 10–15 languages because every language is similar if you learn it properly. But my primary language is “JavaScript/Python,” and these two are the most versatile coding languages available anywhere.

Tips on How to learn a programming language?

That was kinda my story! During my learning phase, I learned some tips on how to learn a programming language effectively. If you are a beginner, these are the steps you should follow:

  1. Choose a programming language that you want to learn.
  2. Look for structured language learning resources (YouTube or Udemy).
  3. Learn the language’s logic, methods, and syntax.
  4. Create something by coding it yourself (Any Basic One)
  5. Analyze your code and, if necessary, try to debug it yourself.
  6. If you can’t debug the problem, go to https://stackoverflow.com and ask your question there.
  7. As you complete more projects, you will learn more and gain more experience.
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This was my story about how I taught myself to code, and I believe you can do the same.

You simply must begin acting on it, and you must not give up easily.

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“I love Coding”

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