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Tintin in the digital world

Tintin in the digital world (by bit4you)

Tintin, the Belgian series of comics, is stepping into the NFT realm. For the first two Tintin NFTs, The Blue Lotus () was chosen. Tintinimaginatio, the company that maintains Hergé’s () art heritage, has selected the artwork for the cover of the album for the first two Tintin comics, according to a press conference held on Tuesday, 11th of January to honor Tintin’s 94th anniversary.

What is Tintin?

Tintin, a young Belgian reporter, is frequently represented in the children’s literature section. Meanwhile, The Adventures of Tintin is a type of world history of the 1920s-60s, from collectivization in the USSR to the Fidel Castro Barbudos. Several studies on Tintin thoroughly examine the series’ philosophy and language, as well as the historical context of each comic.

Details of the project

Tintinimaginatio, following the success of the digital exhibition “Tintin, the Immersive Adventure”, continues to promote and bring Hergé’s work to life using new technologies. Didier Platteau, editorial director of Moulinsart, outlined the ambitions to merge Hergé and NFT technology at the start of the press conference.

Tintinimaginatio has collaborated with ArtèQ on the NFT project. This cooperation will allow Tintin’s Adventures to join the meta-universe and, more especially, digital art. This day symbolizes the beginning of a new digital experience built by Tintinimaginatio, specifically the first Tintin NFT authorized and protected by blockchain.

What do you know about ArtèQ?

ArtèQ specializes in blockchain technology, issuing NFTs associated with iconic works of art. ArtèQ, led by a leading team of field specialists, has launched several NFT collections, including Gustav Klimt’s , the official museum edition of the , etc. Furthermore, ArtèQ is developing a cutting-edge auction platform that will excite NFT fans.

In addition, the company works closely with its partners from functional analysis to the design and operation of virtual galleries to exhibit NFT. In short, artèQ positions itself as a significant participant in Web3 implementation.

To summon

Important to note that even nowadays, Tintin Adventures remains a national pride of Belgian and a valuable piece of art. Despite this fact, the first comics were released almost a hundred years ago.

Time will tell if this idea is a success. After all, how many good examples of art digitization do you know? Leave your thoughts on Tintin in the context of the NFT technology and if it is a reasonable example.



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