3 Steps to get get more downloads for your new business app

It starts internally…

I don’t like long blog posts.

Bet you are also a busy person.

So here is the three steps. It works for us and also our clients at Claw Publishing.

  1. First, your staff need to be your download ambassadors. It is like the network marketing principle. If you don’t use your own product why bother selling it.
  2. Next let them hit that share the app button. Yes if people buy from people, then sure as hell would people download from people.
  3. Contact all your best customers. Entice them to download the app. And if your developers were a smart marketing agency they would have added a reward on the app to stimulate downloads.

Do these steps first.

We will discuss some other tactics in a next post.

Told ya this one will be to the point!

PS: If you like assistance with your app idea, finding the purpose, want ideas on how to market your app, or just for a casual chat, feel free to email me.

PW Pretorius is the Co-founder of Claw Publishing and a Mobile Marketing Expert, Author and Speaker. Say hi if you want.