Why your purpose drives everything in your business mobile application

Purpose trumps functionality and design.

I can hear the crowd screaming….

Some leave.

Some designers go onto the dark web and plot my assassination.

You say what?

Hear me out. I am not ditching functionality. I am not saying user experience is not important. I am not questioning the super button design you have spend days perfecting.


It is all crucial for a great app. For a great experience.

Yet, what I am saying is your purpose should be clearly defined beforehand. And I am saying it with a reason.

At Claw Publishing, we consult many potential app clients. Some of them already have their own applications. Problem is the developers of these applications sold them something without a purpose. At worst it was an exact replication of their existing website. At best a supercomputer app — perfectly designed — with functionality that will make you coffee, but with no downloads.

Mouthful…time for a coffee breather.

Back again.

The problem is many business don’t understand the app environment. They don't understand the marketing and community building power of an application. Yet they know it is the next big thing.

Unfortunately that opens the gateway for development companies and agencies to create applications without a clear purpose for the unsuspecting, unknowing customers.

They end up paying a lot of money for a virtual paperweight.

So business owners. Before you consider an application, define your purpose first. What do you want it to do. Then look at functionality and the pretty stuff.

And design companies and agencies, assist your clients with a purpose definition t before you focus on all the cool stuff you can provide.

Just my 2cents and quick thoughts for the day.

Anyhow I hope you are calling off the assassins…

PS: If you like assistance with your app idea, finding the purpose, want ideas on how to market your app, or just for a casual chat, feel free to email me.

PW Pretorius is the Co-founder of Claw Publishing and a Mobile Marketing Expert, Author and Speaker. Say hi if you want.