We are a six member team. Within this semester project we are thinking of making an application or a platform that will include videos in which we will show you, with nutritionists help, how you can “transform your unhealthy food into healthy in an easy, low cost and fast way. In addition the app or the platform will give you the opportunity to interact with trainers so they can give exercises and advises to lose weight according to your body type. And all these at NO COST.

Our six member team interviewed twelve university students in order to get some feedback and know others’ opinion about our vision in this project. So we concluded to some results.

Firstly, in the question “would you use an application like this?”, the answer was “yes”. The positive answer means a lot to us because it means that they found it excited, as they told us and interesting.

Except for the excitement that some showed us,we received some second thoughts, too. For example, one student told us he would not benefit from the training part. Another one told us that he found more useful the food part. However people got enthusiastic about our idea and found it both useful and interesting for their student life.

OUR TEAM Ilya Tranoudi Aggeliki Karampela Konstantina Nikolatou Vaso Dima Elisavet Papantoniou

Betty Tsakarestou