Hello !!! We are QuARTetto and our project is ART4LIFE !

In our effort to help ex prisoners with the huge problem of reintegration into society and of course the problem of isolation, we want to organize a group of volunteers actors and dancers and combine their passion for art with this of ex prisoners.

We are happy to announce that we already made contact with a social worker, who is willing to help us with our project. Furthermore, we also had communication with a Journalist from the newspaper ‘Epochi’ (Their goal and action is to help prisoners with their daily needs and of course to promote their rights).

They heard about our project and they are willing to help us, by providing free space, so we can start making our project into reality.

Our next goal is to communicate with Onisimos, an organization which helps prisoners and their families. Onisimos also helps financially ex prisoners,provides them a place to stay and more.

We hope that we will be able to inform you further about our progress soon.

And remember: Art may be a solution to isolation !!

Thank you !!!

Lukia Babasioti Iliana Barbagianni Giannis Koutonias Kostas Bal

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