<<How to love children the healthy food>> suggestions from the group Play with your food.

Dear parents,
 On Sundays Pluto likes cooking with his mum and dad. In fact, since he started taking part in the preparation of the meals his parents have noticed that not only does he eat larger amounts of food, but he also consumes more vegetables. A lot of nutritionists claim that children’s participation in the process of cooking contributes to them adopting healthier eating habits.
 So take an example of Pluto and try cooking with your children. This way they will gain self-confidence and believe in their skills.

Dear parents,
 We have a new proposal, a game to be more specific, which we hope you will find interesting as well as fun. For this game you will need two forks. On one fork you will put a sticker with the word “ Yes” and on the other fork one with the word “No”. You will use the first fork in order to show your child which food is nutritious and essential to be consumed at least three to four times a week. Therefore, the “Yes” fork will be related to healthy food. On the other hand, the “No” fork will be related to unhealthy food which should not be consumed more than twice a week.
 Try this game and tell us if you found it helpful.