Hello! We are QuARTetto , a startup from Panteion University. Our goal is to help ex prisoners with the huge issue of isolation and give them a second chance so, they won’t feel alone and unprotected as soon as they leave from prison.

Basic condition for someone to love art is to acquire knowledge and experience about it. So we start our actions in prison. We will organize seminars on jails and also art lessons. Alongside, we will organize performances for a bigger motivation. In these way we can approach the prisoners and we can built trust and creativeness to those who want to follow our project.

‘Soul cannot be jailed’. Through art we feel free and art domesticate our spirit. With the help of art we can achieve vocational rehabilitation and social reintegration.

We wiil be in touch with social worker, as long as we have down exprisoners who are interesting following us. each of thempast will be checked. Ifg someone needs psycological support then will be given. His behavior in prison will also be checked and we will cooperate with any doctor needed. All these ensure the safety of members.

In conclusion art is approved and aceeptable for everybody. So, all will be welcomed to approach. We want to give the possibility to people who want to participate, but his life surrounding do not allow. Far away from these superstitions a place like this will be opened for everybody. A place which opens the soul and the spirit has to update wild insticts. The sensitive part of every ex-prisoner will be activated and we will organize actions collective and common character.

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