Key Concept Of Our Idea

Hello everyone! We are a six-member team named . From the list of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, we chose the third one, “Health and Well-Being”. As students, we can understand the struggles of choosing healthy eating habits. In a society where fast food is the easiest choice, we have found a convenient way to help students improve their diet when they are outside. We focus on the center of Athens.

This idea is a website that tackles the problem of unhealthy diet that a considerable number of university students choose to have. It is widely accepted that many students, especially because of the fact that their lifestyle changes, as they enter a new era in their lives, being away from home or lots of hours outside, they have a tendency to choose fast food such as burgers or pizza. Being in that situation, that we should have a quick lunch and go back to our daily responsibilities, we soon realized that we wanted this to end and adopt more nutritional eating habits.

For that purpose, we decided to create this website, in which users can find our recommendations. There is a map of places around Syntagma that people can visit and eat a variety of healthy dishes in a variety of prices. There are all the details the users need about every single place like prices and other characteristics, such as environment and atmosphere. We will try to reveal every corner of the center of Athens that could provide a healthy experience, depending on the needs of our target group.

Talking about the target group, we aim to have an impact on university students. As we can closely relate to them, we will be able to be more effective on the accomplishment of our goal. As it was said before, students choose the easy way to feed themselves. Thus, they will be attracted by a website that can offer them something special and new, as after an amount of time they are fed up by the same fast food choices and they prefer to try something new. A list of different places will be available and the choice will be completely theirs.

After the promotion of our site, we hope that more and more people will adopt a healthier lifestyle and have their own healthy hangout which they can visit during their break so as to have a tasty and nutritional meal. Eating disorders, obesity and health problems caused by harmful eating habits are existing dangers among youngsters and with actions like ours it is believed that the problem could be alleviated.

The problem is common but not everybody recognizes it. So, our goal is not only to provide suggestions but also to senzitize our peers about what’s really happening.

We are very satisfied about the final content and result of our project, as we learned how to work cooperatively. Our goal was to help a specific group of people improve their lifestyle and we hope we did. Stay tuned to see what’s next…

This project has been completed by the ShowMeHealth team: Konstantina Nikolatou, Elisavet Papantoniou, Edlira Osmena, Ilya Tranoudi, Vaso Dima

Special thanks to ms. Betty Tsakarestou for the guidance throughout the semester.

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