We changed our initial idea. We are going to make an app in which a map will be appeared to the users. In this map will include healthy and cheap dishes at restaurants in the city center of Athens, for all those university students that don’t have time to cook and choose to eat many times at week at fast foods or other restaurants.

Last week we were called to make an experience user map. Our ideal user was a university student called Camelia that she comes from Larissa and lives here in Athens on alone. So she doesn’t have enough time to cook and she orders delivery very often or she eats food at many fast foods. She saw an advertisment on istagram about our app. Having realized that she doen’t fit on her clothes, she decided to sent us a message mentioning her problem. So she received a feedback from us which was about making healthier choices. We told her to create an account in our app so she can see the map with the healthy dishes at restaurants in Athens.

So now Camlia every time that thinks to eat at a restaurant take into consideration our recommendatives. She has been initiated into a healthier life-style.

Ilya Tranoudi Aggeliki Karampela Elisavet Papantoniou Vaso Dima Konstantina Nikolatou

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