My dare to challenge experience: ShowMeHealth

Hello everyone! We are a six-member team named ShowMeHealth. From the list of seventeen Sustainable Development Goals, we chose the third one, “Health and Well-Being”. As students, we can understand the struggles of choosing healthy eating habits. In a society where fast food is the easiest choice, we have found a convenient way to help students improve their diet when they are outside. We focus on the center of Athens.

Having worked on this project for six months not only did we acquire great knowledge on healthy diet but we also learned how to cooperate with each other, listen and accept other people’s poionts of view. Furthermore, it was of great interest to learn a lot on healthy and balanced diet and how we can choose a low fat but still delicious dish when we are at a restaurant. Needless to say, we were the ones to have applied this when we eat out, so that we are able to express our personal opinion on this matter .

We are very satisfied about the final content and result of our project, as we learned how to work cooperatively. Our goal was to help a specific group of people improve their lifestyle and we hope we did. Stay tuned to see what’s next…

In cooperation with Aggeliki Karampela, Ilya Tranoudi, Elisavet Papantoniou, Edlira Osmena, Vaso Dima

Special thanks to ms. Betty Tsakarestou

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