Project Y| Infographics and Learnings

Our three member team is consisted of Izabella, Katerina and Margaret- third year students of Communication Media and Culture department of Panteion University, Athens Greece. In the context of Dare to Challenge Lab under the supervision of our professor Betty Tsakarestou we were assigned project/challenge that has to do with Sustainable Development Goals with social impact. Our chosen SDG is Responsible Consumption and Production, which is about promoting resource and energy efficiency, sustainable infrastructure, and providing access to basic services, ECO life for all. It’s implementation helps to achieve overall development plans, reduce future economic, environmental and social costs. We will focus on raising awareness about reduce reuse and recycle norms through our platform and app.

In this infographic we proudly present you a piece of interesting onformation we found while doing research for our project.

Definately this project has broaden our perspective view on Responsible Consumption and Production goal and the manners we have obtained as a society concerning this environmental issue.

We really tried to see how our generation thinks, acts and responds to our calls in order to raise the quality of life both on local and worldwide level. We noticed that people who were born and raised in small town and villages tend to care more about their consumption habits and environment. Unfortunately, the kids raised in big cities usually tend to behave like the universe and environment owes them. That kind of mentallity we will try to reduce and surface a more eco friendly mindset.

One of our core problems was the motivation and engagement of the people. Although many said they would definately use our app -Clean Slate-, you can’t just count on that words but we always find ways to mitigate the incoming problems. Through continuous research we are setting SMART — 6 months timebound to see the outcome of our first steps. For the time being, we are updating our site with interesting projects and information and in teh meantime our application is getting optimized by a front-end developer.

We opt for a successful development of our project since we trully believe in our goals.

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Supervisor: Betty Tsakarestou

co-editors: Izabella Kefala Katerina Kaouni