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Our idea: Οur Idea is RefVoice. Refvoice is a transmedia platform with reportages and photoreportages created by refugees themselves. More specific, it is comprised by stories, photos, drawings and every other form of journalism and art our refugees have talent in.

Our potentials users will be both refugees but also people from other countries as well that will see their content. We decided to create 4 potential users. One man and one woman refugee and one man that is informed about the refugee situation. We also decided to create a fourth user that hasnt considered too much the refugee as an individual but is open to explore.

1st user-Mohamed, Age: 25, Comes from Syria

Mohamed came recently to Greece. He seems to cope with his hard reality very well as he maintains a beautiful smile on his face. However he definetely has a lot to say about the things he has been through and needs a place to express to himself.

2nd user- Nour, Age: 24, Comes from Afghanistan

Nour came to Greece last year. She is from Afghanistan, a place where is being also tormented by war. Back in her country she loved photography but now she doesnt have a camera.

3rd user-Anna, Age: 30(READER), Lives in Cyprus

Anna is aware of the general situation of the refugee crisis. However it has not cross her mind what a refugee himself has to say. She is open minded, whatsoever, to learn more and explore the refugee subject.

4th user-Pandelis, Age: 22, Lives in Exarcheia Athens Greece(READER+ VOLUNTEER)

Pandelis lives in Exarcheia and loves the Eastern Cuisine. Every Thursday he teaches the Greek Language in the Haut of Immigrants and Refugees. From the very beginning of the refugee crisis he volunteered to help them. He is sensitized upon the refugee crisis subject and supports integration. Apart from being a visitor of the site, he could also promote it.

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Our team members: Mary Bouli, Maria Vasilakou, Stavroula Pollatou

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