“Safe n’ Sound” user experience

We live in a society that excuses sexual violence against women with the simple phrase “She asked for it for it”. Rape culture has taught us that men, seem to have some privelege on womens bodies, but it’s not only rape that this culture promotes; it’s every assault on women, even verbal, based on their gender.

The majority of women feel threatened when walking alone at night especialy if they are going somewhere where they don’t know the road. That’s why we (Charis Zarbalas Danai Lyratzi Christos Daniilidis Frossini Drakouli Asimina Christodoulatou Martha Davari)created Safe n’ Sound, an app thar offers a safer way home. The map shows the brightest and most croweded way for the user to get to their destination.There is also the “Red Button” service that in case of emergency sends the needed information in order for help to arrive. Last but not least there is also a forum that users can interacst and share their own experiences.

The user

Let’s say that Artemis a 20 year old university student is walking to a bar from the metro station and her gps shows her only the fastest way there through dark allies. She feels like someone is following her, but there is no one to turn to for help.


Artemis sees a facebook ad about “Safe n’ Sound”. The app is free so she immediately downloads it.

Taking Notice

Next week Artemis doesn’t know how to get to her destination so she uses the app to find the safest way there.

Reporting Problem

Artemis reports that someone was lurking in the shadows and shares her experience in the forum.


Many people comment about the same problem and her report will be forwarded to the officials.

Action from officials

After a while Artemis passes by the same road she reported and sees the workers who are fixing the lights.

Problem is fixed

Artemis is visiting the same bar and not only the lights are fixed but also she has a safe way to get there.

Our mentor: Betty Tsakarestou

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